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Author: deddehhoward

12 Oct


I was born and raised in West Africa where it's almost always  summer (we call it the dry season), it will get very hot, like over 90 degrees or even more and it was beautiful. Being from such  a hot country you'll think I'd be ok with the heat or sunny days but It have been so hot in LA these past few days making me forgot about the hot days back home, I'm starting to think that LA is hotter than home or may it could be that I have adopted the weather system in America where it get cool for a while and back to being hot. I remember back in Ghana it will get super hot but...
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5 Oct


Times does fly doesn't it? It have been such an emotional and busy week for me especially with school. I had an exam a few days ago and oh man, as much as I love what I'm studying, I still don't like the feeling you get when you're about to walk into a test room haha, but I made it through the test and am so relieved at the moment. One good thing that I did do was telling my professor about my passion for Fashion. I have been trying so hard to keep my blog away from school and not telling anyone in my class about it. I felt like if I did tell, they will think that I'm...
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21 Sep

Passion with Leather

It has been so busy these past two weeks, I have been back in school, then there was fashion week and I am also excited about my new cool car. With all that going on I almost forgot to do what I love most: Which is just dressing up and discovering new cool places. You wouldn't believe how many times I ask myself how can I possibly do all this? I am discovering that basically I am a medical student, with a love for fashion, traveling and lot more haha.., I have to admit, because of the constant activities going on and planning for the next adventure, my body was feeling quite tired, as a result I ended up falling...
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9 Sep

Oh Canada

Happy Wednesday everyone, Traveling from Los Angeles to Canada was an amazing experience. It was my first time in Canada, in fact it was my first time outside of the US since I moved here eight years ago. I was excited and ready to take this trip. We stayed in downtown Vancouver in a beautiful apartment with an amazing view just down the street from all the popular shopping centers.   Upon my arrival, I slipped into some comfortable jeans and shoes and a nice black and white blouse to complete my outfit and I was out of the door to check out this new country. We were very hungry so we rushed out to get some food and that's when I really realized that,...
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5 Sep

The Eiffel Tower

I remember as a child I was dreaming and wishing to go to Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower. When you are a kid in Africa you don't have too many choices. Traveling and exploring the world seems a distant dream, but I always kept my head up high as my hopes. I didn't know if I would ever make it to Paris at all, but I just knew someday I will get a chance to see this beautiful country and visit the Eiffel Tower.  When I got the chance to come to America, I was so excited because I knew this little girl dreams came do come true and that I'm going to continue to dream and someday,...
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3 Sep

Feeling Famous at the LA River

Happy Thursday everyone, One of the great things of being  in Los Angeles is you can be whoever you want to be, you just have to get up and work for it. Today's outfit was shot at the famous LA River; this spot is always busy with the filming of big production movies, photo shoots and music videos. Famous movies such as Grease, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Fast & Furious  and many others were shot here. On that specific day they were filming "Fear of the Walking Dead" just above us on the 6th street bridge. When we first drove by it seemed impossible to get in, it was all blocked by camera crews and race cars. I took it as the...
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29 Aug

Dreaming of the Big Apple

::White on white, Soft Studded Pink Shoes and a Touch Gray Bag:: Happy wednesday Everyone, I am very excited to share my very first post with you guys. I spent hours thinking of what I’ll say and what outfits to introduce. There were so many ideas running through my head and finally,  I decided to share some of my favorite spring colors along with my favorite Art wall On Melrose ( LA ).       For today's look, I wanted to create a story that says a lot about me and capture the essence of street art. With this beautiful piece of art wall in the background and a dress that brings out the shape of a woman, I felt like I was actually in New York...
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25 Aug


Hi everyone My name is Deddeh Howard( you can call me DD). I'm from West Africa, Liberia. I was born and raised in West Africa. Growing up as a child my family and I traveled a lot in different parts on Africa where I developed my passion for traveling, fashion and culture. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I find my inspiration in living a healthy lifestyle, I believe that when you live a healthy lifestyle it brings the best out of you, it opened my eyes to the beauty of the world we live in, the beauty of cultures, foods, people, fashion and music. For me fashion is the one of the keys to looking beautiful and loving one...
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