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Category: My Style

21 Feb

Break Yourself: Video #2

It have been a long week with none stop school, from 2 exams to presenting a group project to writing a research paper and more haha. I'm so glad that it's over for now and I had the chance to put together an outfit of the week for you guys. To be honest, I love making videos now, I used to hate it. Seeing myself in a video was kind of scary. I think it's because I haven't done anything like this before but after a few times, you get used to it and it becomes easier. Sometimes, these things are just all in our heads and we just have to get over fears to find love in what we...
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18 Feb

The Laura Basci

Todays fashion world is dominated by big names: Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, etc. We are used to seeing them everywhere in magazines, on billboards and on television. Their clothes are also very expensive and most of us can rarely afford them. However it is rare that we actually get to meet them personally and therefore will fully understand their thoughts behind each designs and what inspires them to create such designs. Now I was lucky enough to actually have the opportunity to get to know a new and upcoming designer up close and get to understand the process behind creating amazing clothes. Laura Basci inspires me through her designs. Getting to know her made a big impression on me and it...
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7 Feb

The Happy Pants

Happy great start of the week everyone. I posted a Instastory on Sunday of going to Church the first time in 8 year and a lot of you wrote me back asking why and the question went on. I just wanted to address it in this post. I grew up a Christian and trust me, I'm still very much Christian, nothing changed. Just the going to church part did. So growing up, I was told I have to go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir, attend bible studies and all other church activities. So ever day and every Sunday I did that and I wasn't sure if I wanted to. I struggled with the church growing up and also have to deal with attending different...
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28 Jan

Dark Romance

Included here is a FREE Giveaway of the dress seen in the pictures below. Follow the article to the end for instructions how to win the dress. I felt totally sexy walking around in this black dress in Miami. I'm starting to see myself as the sexy kind after so many years of not seeing myself as one.  Growing up in West Africa, I knew nothing about dressing up sexy or feeling sexy. I would always look at other girls or my friends  and wonder why I was so different. To be honest I looked nothing like anyone in my class, I think not seeing myself as a pretty girl played a big part in it. Also I needed someone to...
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12 Dec

Layering With Leather

  Happy Tuesday my loves. I can't believe it is almost Christmas and I am very excited. Two of my cousins will come visit me in LA and I can't wait to spend some time with them. So many ideas of what you are going to do in running though my head as I'm writing. Christmas in many places also means it is getting cold. It reminds me a lot of Vancouver that I visited recently. The weather got chilly but I still wanted to dress stylish. This is the outfit I came up with and that seemed to be a good fit. Living in LA made me not well prepared at all for such kind of weather. LA is most of...
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16 Nov

Simple But Elegant

Happy Monday everyone. I can't believe winter is already coming fast towards us. I decided to enjoy my last few days of summer/fall in LA. Los Angeles is a busy city. Wherever you look a lot is going on.  Being busy with school and work I felt I started to neglect working out, which I love a lot and is very important to my energy and feeling good about myself. It is a big challenge to be able to go to your regular workout classes. I heard tough that there was this amazing way of being able to go to many different workout places all for the cost of around $100. It sounded too good to be true. Usually most...
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11 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

First of all, I want to say happy Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a good time. Also, thanks a lot for the birthday wishes It meant a lot to me. I just love laying in my bed and reading all the nice words and the love notes that was sent to me. Thank you! thank you! Yesterday wasn't just my birthday but my dad's as well and oh man.. I miss him so much. I haven't seen my father in almost 9 years as he is still in Africa. Over the course of 9 years I missed him a lot, mostly on our birthday days. I remember I used to wake up every November 25th and run to his...
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12 Oct


I was born and raised in West Africa where it's almost always  summer (we call it the dry season), it will get very hot, like over 90 degrees or even more and it was beautiful. Being from such  a hot country you'll think I'd be ok with the heat or sunny days but It have been so hot in LA these past few days making me forgot about the hot days back home, I'm starting to think that LA is hotter than home or may it could be that I have adopted the weather system in America where it get cool for a while and back to being hot. I remember back in Ghana it will get super hot but...
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5 Oct


Times does fly doesn't it? It have been such an emotional and busy week for me especially with school. I had an exam a few days ago and oh man, as much as I love what I'm studying, I still don't like the feeling you get when you're about to walk into a test room haha, but I made it through the test and am so relieved at the moment. One good thing that I did do was telling my professor about my passion for Fashion. I have been trying so hard to keep my blog away from school and not telling anyone in my class about it. I felt like if I did tell, they will think that I'm...
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21 Sep

Passion with Leather

It has been so busy these past two weeks, I have been back in school, then there was fashion week and I am also excited about my new cool car. With all that going on I almost forgot to do what I love most: Which is just dressing up and discovering new cool places. You wouldn't believe how many times I ask myself how can I possibly do all this? I am discovering that basically I am a medical student, with a love for fashion, traveling and lot more haha.., I have to admit, because of the constant activities going on and planning for the next adventure, my body was feeling quite tired, as a result I ended up falling...
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