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Category: Collaborations

6 Oct

Online Shopping With Shein

It has been such a challenge to  actually go out to shop since I'm so busy with school ( my Science classes and yoga teacher training). I'm the kind of girl that loves to try her clothes on before buying it. You know what I mean ladies. You don't want to take it home and have to bring it back. The problem is, there's not enough time in the day to do it all so I have been doing some online shopping. At first, I wasn't sure if I should even be shopping online for clothes. When it comes to other things like books and house decorations, I'm online shopping. I told myself everything is online how, why not try...
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30 Sep

Enjoy Flowers

Over the past few months, I realize how much I miss going out and getting some beautiful flowers to decorate my little apartment. I love flowers, their smells and beautiful bright colors brings me so much peace. My favorite flowers also remind me of special moments in my life and for this reason, I love coming home to fresh flowers. With school, work and blogging we all know how busy that can get, which brings us to this post. For this blog post, I'm partnering with Enjoy Flowers to show how you can enjoy flowers everyday in your space. Enjoy Flowers is a flower delivery subscription service that delivers long-lasting fresh flowers once or twice a month. My favorite flowers were...
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13 Sep

Sole Serum For US

Let's talk about our heels shall we?  I aways love wearing heels because of that little height it gives, that curve in the back it creates and the booty help.  Not to mention how amazing they look with your outfits. Few years ago when I was doing fashion shows, they will put us in heels to help the look and give us a long legs but the heels was always painful. I hated it and for that reason I would ask to bring my own heels. Thank god they would actually let me bring my own but I just wished  there was a solution to foot pain in general. As I grew older I realized how painful my heels got no...
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