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Hi everyone My name is Deddeh Howard( you can call me DD). I’m from West Africa, Liberia. I was born and raised in in West Africa. Growing up as a child my family and I traveled a lot in different parts on Africa where I developed my passion for traveling, fashion and culture. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

I find my inspiration in living a healthy lifestyle, I believe that when you live a healthy lifestyle it brings the best out of you, it opened my eyes to the beauty of the world we live in, the beauty of cultures, foods, people, fashion and music. For me fashion is the one of the keys to looking beautiful and loving one self. The way you dress, is the way you are addressed.

In addition to Fashion, I’m also very passionate bout medicine, helping People and the study of the human body. I’m currently finishing my  bachelor’s degree in Health Science and developed a strong connection with working out, cooking and eating healthy for a long healthy and happy life during my studies.

I alway wonder how some people manage to maintain a healthy beautiful life with a busy schedule, and after years of my own research and experiences I found the the secret to true beauty, true healthy life style and most of all happiness. So I decided to share with you guys the SECRET OF DD through my blog.

I want to give big thanks to my family and friends for all the love and support and believing in me.

Please feel free to contact me with any question and I hope to make a difference in your life.



My Partner Raffael is a designer, photographer and virtual reality specialist.



  1. by Charles on December 6, 2016  9:18 pm Reply

    Nice campaign and I agree with the message for more diversity in ads.

  2. by Richard on December 7, 2016  12:08 am Reply

    Your partner's photography is fantastic. I saw your photos in an article on the Daily Mail. You blow nearly all of the original models out of the water. The only one who looked better was Michelle Williams in the LV ad and that's because Williams has a short, pixieish cute look and you have a more statuesque gazelle look. The rest of the ads were phenomenal.

    You should do anything high end / upscale because you have a very expensive look. You look slightly snobbish and rich and I would expect to see you in campaigns for luxury apartments, jewelry, or corporate campaigns. Stunning look and BRILLIANT marketing on your part. Hope the bookings follow!

  3. by Cheryl on December 7, 2016  5:09 am Reply

    Innovative! You're beautiful! Much success to you and your partner!

  4. by Angel Sinclair on December 7, 2016  9:39 am Reply

    Hello Deddeh

    I am interested in speaking to you about Models of Diversity Charity Movement .
    Here our web link www.modelsofdiversity.org

    • by deddehhoward on December 7, 2016  3:15 pm Reply

      Hello Angel,

      Thanks for reaching out to me. Yes, please contact me at dd@secretofdd.com

  5. by James Moore on December 7, 2016  3:04 pm Reply

    Wow, I am impressed.

  6. by Mina on December 7, 2016  9:14 pm Reply

    The ad recreations were superb! I felt they really outshines the originals. Best wishes and hope to see more of you!

    Japanese American admirer

  7. by Kelly Harvey, LPC on December 8, 2016  10:49 pm Reply

    Your photographs are stunning and your message is very important in this climate of attempting to silence people of color again. Brava to both of you! I'm sharing your story on Facebook. I hope you see a lot of coverage! warm regards, Kelly in Atlanta

  8. by Eva on December 9, 2016  2:59 am Reply

    Amazing photography. Well done guys!

  9. by James Mason on December 9, 2016  1:58 pm Reply


    I wrote my thesis on the lack of models of color in the fashion industry. We should talk.

  10. by Linda Thomas on December 9, 2016  4:06 pm Reply

    Simple awesome, DD. I made 56 on Thanksgiving Day this year. And my new year's resolution is transformation - starting with a water intake challenge, which in turn will transform ME. My mind (thINKing), body, business, and world...360 degree. And I will visit your social media and blogs to stay motivated. I want to enjoy ALL of my life, the rest of my days. Cheers!!

  11. by Me on December 9, 2016  9:22 pm Reply

    What a bad ass!!! The world needs more people like you

  12. by Black beauty on December 11, 2016  9:53 pm Reply

    Your work is inspirational, you look amazing...don't give up the fight. You are doing it for generations to come and for those of colour to know and believe that they are beautiful inside and out. It's also for our black boys and men to know it is OK to find a black woman beautiful and attractive. The media attempts to condition our thinking and unless we are prepared to be as strong as you are...things never change. How about a petition to Parliament to demand for a percentage of the media comms like fashion to represent the full diversity of the country within which we live. As a child I only bought Ebony Magazine for that reason, I am black, proud and beautiful!

    You are a breath of fresh air - God bless you!

  13. by Anonymous on December 11, 2016  10:49 pm Reply

    DD - I'm starting to think about whether it would be possible to launch a counter-narrative advertising agency, that weaves work like Black Mirror throughout all of its advertisements and both increases the presence of role models from different backgrounds in advertising and breaks traditional stereotypes about women, people of color, and others who find themselves caught in boxes where they don't belong. I would love to chat with you about this when you have a moment - please email me and we will find a time to chat by phone.

  14. by Franz Pagot on December 11, 2016  11:19 pm Reply

    Some of your ads are better than the original! D&G for instance... Congratulations to both, stunning work with a very powerful message.

  15. by Francisco Garcia on December 14, 2016  2:09 am Reply

    Simply fantastic! great pictures!

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  26. by Mary on May 10, 2017  4:28 am Reply

    I'm trying to take up yoga and go onto a vegetarian diet. My partner is both and he looks great and following you on insta is so inspiring but I lack consistency. How do you manage to get so good at yoga and get to the point where I can't live without it, my boyfriend literally has to beg and pull out of bed to do it. I want to but just not getting it yet and I'm already flexible so it isn't such a mission but where and how did u start and fall in love with it?

    • by deddehhoward on May 10, 2017  5:37 am Reply

      Hello Mary,
      I really love yoga and I saw how it changed my life and that makes me love it even more. That's how the consistency came about. You have to love it before you can make time for it.
      Hope this helps. Also I practice yoga at home on my own.

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