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21 Oct

How to Eat Burgers Without Gaining Weight


 Let’s face it, the United States is a country that is crazy about Burgers. McDonald’s conquered the world and can be found almost everywhere in even remote places. In California people will wait forever in line at the drive thru just to eat an In-and-Out burger. While that all is impressive for what these food companies have done to us, making us love their food and some people even getting addicted to it, the biggest issue is rarely talked about. Yes it is common knowledge that their food is very unhealthy and if used frequently will make you quickly obese. Despite all that people will still insist to eat them at an alarming high rate. Now why is that? We can speculate about the reasons but in my opinion it is quite simple why too many people can’t let go of these unhealthy yet tasty burgers and fries: the lack of healthy alternatives, acessibility and lack of education about it.


If you had the choice between an unhealthy Big Mac from McDonald that has over 550 Calories on it’s own (see source) or you could eat a healthy alternative that might have around 150 Calories yet still tastes excellent and was easily accessible to you, what would you choose?

If you happen to attend a theme park or a sports event such as an NHL hockey game it is surprising that all the food choices you have are all bad for you: McDonald’s , Pizzas and the list goes on. Again, you have no choice because the good food for you is basically put out of reach for you. You might as well have to leave the place entirely to find some decent food.


What is important to understand is, the healthy alternatives do now exist. They are not as numberous (yet) but they are steadily growing. Gracias Madre in West Hollywood offers healthy and Vegan options of Burgers. You may object and say a vegan burger is not proper meat. While your assumption is correct, I suggest you just give it once a try. Many people have been surprised at how amazing that kind of food actually tastes. Suspicious at first yet convinced shortly there after. Not only is a lot of fun eating healthy food, the fact that you actually know it is good for you and you eat guilty free is a big game changer. Instead of worrying you have to run to the gym to make up for the bad food you ate, you simply enjoy it. Instead of trying to count your calories you don’t even worry about it. You know the calorie count is low and you can focus on more important stuff.


So next time when you see a huge line at In and Out Burgers ask yourself. Is it worth to get into that line to eat that kind of food?

 When half a century ago cigarette companies finally were being attacked for trying to sell us products that harms and kills people the public was finally paying attention. Nowadays every cigarette pack must carry a label that is harmful to you. How come in this day and age we still are ok with selling horrible food products to children and adults and even worse actively try to put the healthy food out of reach? It’s time for change and you can be part of that, for your own health. Next time you think of a juice burger, just make a smart choice and a healthy one.




I’m truly a big fan of burgers, so here are few of my favorite burger places in Los Angeles that I’ll recommend. You can also fine some of these places in other states or countries.


Gracias Madre

Native Food

Veggie Grill

Fala Bar

Doomie’s Home Cookin’


Thank you so much for reading.



Deddeh Howard
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