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11 Jan

The Golden Globes


As a teenager I remember waiting days just to watch a movie award show, which made me wonder how, would it be to experience it, but you don’t assume that might ever happen. Last year was my lucky year and I got the chance to attend the 72nd Golden Globes. Here is how it all went down. What really happens at the Golden Globes?




When you drive towards the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills your car first get checked for bombs and weapons. Security people check your trunk and peek inside your car.



Right after you see a first wave of fans and then you drive onto the red carpet and hand your car in. That’s when the crazyness begins. Cameras go off at every corner. You start seeing some familiar faces, some famous, some that you think you have seen but don’t remember, but hope their name will come back into your memory and some that look stunning and you just don’t know whom they are.




My Date/boyfriend


With Felicity Jones


with Julianne Moore


There was many thoughts going through my head. I was at the Golden Globes; on the Red Carpet, I mean walking the red carpet that I see all the time on TV. Right as we land David Duchovny is in the same batch of people. Hearing him talk sounds that he is just purely Hank Moody from Californication. Maybe he is not really acting and just plays himself on the show? As we further move on the red carpet security reminding you to move your butt down the carpet and not stand in the way and no just us but to all the stars. The way it works is, you take your red carpet shot, get a little interview ( if possible) and move on so more people can do the same. Further down more and more stars go by. It all happens so fast that you literally have to pay attention or you miss out. Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, Don Cheadle, Jeff Goldblum and the list goes on. Sometimes you think every star under the sun of movies and television must be here. There go Julianne Moore walking by who was nice and approachable.

IMG_0060 IMG_0066



As we were walking inside to take a seat I remember getting stopped to take more red carpet pictures and I got to say, I was very nervous and shy. I never been around so many people I was inspired by growing up.

Sitting inside you get served dinner and drinks. That’s when a lot of the big stars walk in at the end and it’s hard to eat hahaha. Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney. It literally goes by the second. It’s hard to process it all while you try to actually take a bite to eat and not mess it all up.

As the show goes on the craziest experience might be actually going to the restroom. While this usually in life is a forgettable occurrence, here you all of a sudden stand in line (I mean long line as we all know how long the women rest room lines are) right next to the stars to use the rest room. As I get in line behind Jennifer Lopez, I stated to think to myself that all these stars are like regular people, they are just like us. We were all talking to each other and complimenting other dresses. I even help Kevin Hart’s Fiancée with a little bit of dress issues and she later saw me and said thanks again.

The whole room stands up when George Clooney get’s honored for his lifetime achievement in film, where he shares in a great speech that just if you made it into this room, you are a winner. I for sure did for that moment.

We were lucky enough later on to get an actual tour through the backstage area of the Golden Globes. What happens to the people that actually win? They immediately go through an entire press conference of photos being taken, interviews and talking to TV channels. Now that shows you why people want to win. You win and your picture is immediately propelled around the world and this is where that happens. You are a winner and now your value just went up tenfold. After all this is a business.

Once the show ended there are various after parties. I got lucky to attend a couple of the hottest called InStyle, HBO and Fox. More free food and drinks are at your disposal and now the people seem to loosen up. Selena Gomez, Gabriele Union, Trace Ross, 50 cent, Jon Voight, Jake Gyllenhaal and many others walk around. When Taylor Swift walked in another storm of cameras seem to go off.

To round it all up at the end you get a gift bag to take home, a leather bag with over a $1000 worth of goodies. Not only that will make sure it was an experience you will never forget. Trust me at the end of this event that in total goes 12 hours if you count in preparation till the end, you will be tired, but you will have gotten some unforgettable memories. I know I did.



with Gabriele Union and Trace Ross


With Gina Rodriguez


 WIth Selena Gomez


Ant-Man Paul Rudd and my boyfriend playing look alike.



Special thanks to Marlene von Arx, Raffael Dickreuter, Fabian Egger

Thanks For Reading.






Deddeh Howard
  • Mark Gomes

    WOW, such great insight and vision to an event that most people would give their eye teeth to attend. The bathroom line…brave and funny insight at the same time. Your BF is a lucky man….his GF is beautiful and smart. Your dress was beautiful by the way!

    January 11, 2016 at 8:36 pm Reply
  • Ken

    I really appreciate and enjoyed this it gave me a view of the Golden Globes I felt I was there Hot Shot!

    January 15, 2016 at 12:49 am Reply
  • Jordan Wynn

    this is an amazing post. your photos are so great. you got a new subscriber.

    February 10, 2016 at 2:51 am Reply
  • Yvonne

    Such a once in a lifetime experience and thanks for sharing the behind the scene experience! You and your date looked lovely by the way!

    April 18, 2016 at 2:55 am Reply
  • Diane

    Such a great experience! Lucky you!

    May 8, 2016 at 12:53 am Reply

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