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4 Feb

Yoga For Self Love


You guys have asked what I do or eat to stay so fit in this busy life of mine. So today I wanted to share a little bit of my health concepts with you. To be honest, I didn’t always care about what I would eat or work out. However not till five years ago I got introduced to eating healthy and working out. I started by doing a lot of research on food and workouts to help me stay fit and healthy. I stated hiking and running in the neighborhood for a start. I love running, I used to play soccer in high school as a forward so I will run for 5-6 miles. It was also a good way to clear my head after a busy day in Los Angeles.


One day while on my way hiking, I spotted a group of people at Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood practicing yoga on the grass and knowing myself, I couldn’t resist but attend the free yoga class the next day with a friend. The class was  hard and challenging but I loved it, like love at first sight. Not till three years ago I decided to finally give yoga a true start. So I started to take yoga classes regularly. My current yoga studio is now Yogaworks which is close to where I live. Yoga took over my fitness life, till now I practice yoga 3-4 times a Week. Looking at my body now it has transformed completely. Not only did yoga transformed my body, it helped me with balance concentration and most important self love as well as awareness. I went from just a thin girl to a fit one, with abs and a toned body.

As for nutrition, I  completely cut off fast food out of my life. Also food that have high fat percentage and work to lower my high protein intake. In addition I became vegetarian, I have been for a year now and I love it. I feel more energetic, healthy and happy. I promise I’ll make a post with more details about how to stay and eat healthy soon.

At first this all seemed difficult. But the more you read about it and realize how horrible most of the food that is served to us in restaurants and grocery stores, the more you try to become careful and disciplined about the choices you make. In the end it doesn’t make sense to work out hard to simply mess it up again with the wrong nutrition. Exercise and the right food have to work together in balance to give you great results.
Moving forward I will lay out more specific and detailed examples of great food that is simple to make, healthy and gives you energy.


So will that said, I hope this will be a start to your healthy choices. All you have to do is start from somewhere, try new workout routines and be very patience and you’ll see results. You know what they say, YOGA IS NOT FOR EVERYONE BUT I’ll SAY IF YOU DIDN’T GIVE YOGA A CHANCE HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S NOT FOR YOU?







Thanks For Reading.


Workout outfits: Victoria’s Secret

Shoes: Zara 

Photo shot by: Raffael Dickreuter

Deddeh Howard
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