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20 Aug

The Streets Of London


It have been a wonderful and surprising week in London. I mean, I still can’t believe am here. This outfit is from my second day in London and we’re on our way to meet up with some friends. I decided to walk around Notting Hill before heading out and I got to tell you, it’s a must see area in London. In fact it’s my favorite neighborhood, the homes are so colorful and beautiful. Every corner is full of flowers and beautiful doors and I keep saying to myself; wow this is beautiful. I want to live here.




IMG_0029 I was more interested in the people. I decided to stay a week to learn about the country and I got to say, I really love it. The English accent was my favorite, it’s really different from mine and people back home. I did pick up a few of their words and I really hope I don’t forget it. The city is also small, you can take the subway and you are at a different area in 10-15mins. We went bike riding in Hyde park and around Soho which was nice and easy to get around. I recommend taking the subway and bikes in the city and just enjoy the beauty of London.







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Deddeh Howard

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