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26 Feb

30 Minutes Home Workout

Today’s blog post is all about taking care of your body without breaking the bank. As you all know I do not have a person trainer with me everyday of my life. To be honest, I thought of the trainer and tried to get one but it can be quite expensive and doesn’t always work with my schedule. So I learned how to workout and tone by body all by myself. The best part is, you don’t aways have to go to the gym to be fit, you can do it at home. All you need are workout tools. If you visit my apartment you’ll find a lot of them because we invested in them over the years. They come in handy so I advice getting some workout tools for yourself.

Here is a full body workout you can do at home or travel in only 30 minutes. All you need is a jump rope, workout ball and a yoga mat( you can also use your floor at home).
For cardio: 
1. Jump rope:
For about 10-15 mins depending on how you feel. You can always increase the time.
2. Plie Squats- 
3 x 15
15 reps.
This will hit your inner thigh and give you that perfect tone.
3. kickboxing twist:
 3x 12 :
12 reps
 Tone your legs, glutes and abs.
4. Power Squats 
15 reps
Work out both your legs, core and upper body.
5. Twist Lunges 
15 reps
Great for legs and inner thighs.
6: Handstand twist: 
10 reps
Great for the arms legs and abs.
7. Ball Jackknife + push up  
10 reps
Full body workout, meanly abs
8. Shoulder Jackknife lift . 
10 Reps
Abs, arms and shoulders workout.
9. Boat post 
10 Reps
Abs and back workout.
Do this 5-6 times a week, eat healthy and you will have your dream body.
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Thanks for reading.

Deddeh Howard

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