Sometimes it takes getting into your car and driving far away from everything to regain yourself. That’s about what I did. A week before my final exams, I was freaking out. Too much stress for me and I felt I was loosing myself. Funny right? But I actually felt that way. So Raffael (boyfriend) and I decided to take a 5 days road trip out of LA to relax and just be. We decided to go to the Yosemite National Park, I always wanted to go there after seeing all the beautiful pictures of the water falls and just been surrounded by nature. I can’t explain how beautiful Yosemite is, from the trees to the different water falls, the place is amazing. Having no phone reception can be a bit scary at first, but then it is also liberating, less noise, more clam and peace.


We was supposed to spend the whole 5 days there but something very scary happened the first night after we returned from the park to our hotel that chased us away for the city. We got confronted by what might be gang members. They were interested in our stuff and also started to talk about guns and meeting Jesus and a lot more. Anyways, I was so scared, I didn’t sleep the whole night. So we left the next morning and decided to drive the desert outside of Vegas.
It was on our journey, I found some peace. I thought about life and all the things I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if those guys were going to come back for us but I thought to myself what if they did? There are some many things in this life that I want to do, that I’m afraid to do. No matter what happen to us, we got to realize that we only have one life and we have to live it. Do the things that makes us happy and stop holding back.
I always wanted to be free and be a Doctor as a kid. “It is not easy growing up as an African” is what I will say to myself all the time. I wanted to live up to my African standards and make my family proud. During my drive I realized I wanted to be more than just a girl that works in the Hospital, I want to help people in all kind of different ways. That’s one of the reasons I started my blog. So I decided to start a YouTube channel. I always wanted to start one but had no idea how that might get be of help to anyone. So I’m going to leave that to you guys. You tell me what you want me to talk about. Fitness, Fashion, Food, Travel, etc.. Make my dream come true and I will help make yours come true as well. Here is a video I made on the trip wearing this beautiful dress for you guys. Hope you like it.










Thanks For Reading.

Dress: Maria Bianca Nero

Photo And Video Credit: Raffael Dickreuter


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  1. by Efren D. Ramirez on June 13, 2016  10:07 pm Reply

    This is really lovely, classy and one of a kind!!! I just love it. Yes! I love it so much more than the others. Very natural and extraordinary! im Efren from the Philippines. I hope to see you one time in the United states and take some good photos

  2. by Eric Nkabinde Jnr on June 14, 2016  6:48 pm Reply


    Wow so original... Fresh and breathtaking


  3. by Sharon Wu on October 6, 2016  4:45 am Reply

    You look gorgeous babe! Loving this red dress and the movement going on in these photos! xo, sharon

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