You heard the saying, if you want to be successful, you have to be bold as well. Boldness stands out from the group. They are confident, courageous, and directed. I believe there is boldness in most people, some just know they are bold and others don’t. They have to discover their boldness and take action to better the world around them.

My boldness is who I am and helped me in my everyday life. I’m bold through my blog post, I speak out and say what’s on my mind to inspire people. Through my school, I work and go to school to build a future and relationships to help people. I show my boldness through fashion, like this beautiful Nastygal Jacquard Bomber flower print set. Not only that it’s perfect for this weather but it makes my feel more confident and standout when I walk in the room. Your outfit should always make you feel that way.






People who choose to be bold are inspiring not just because they get big things accomplished, but because they also instigate growth, progress, and movement for themselves and others around them. Sadly, far more people wait for someone who is bold to lead the way, hoping somehow luck will shine success upon them. Don’t be that person because you have it in you. It’s time to unleash the boldness in you like I did.

Here are some action you can take to unleash you blondness and take a step to success.

1. Be more self-aware. Engage others who can compliment your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

3. Say what needs to be said before the silence derails the team.

4. Improve your odds of success by doing your homework. You’ll increase your confidence and your success rate.

6. Start with a small battle you think you can win, map out a plan, and take the field. Winning builds confidence as well as your reputation.

7. Craft your plan so that each action takes advantage of the success from the last. Take advantage of any win that gains attention, respect, and popularity. Activate your fans, cultivate relationships, build momentum .

8. Last but not least, be bold in your outfits, wear more colors, more flowers set. Dress to impress and stand out. There’s not such thing as doing too much in fashion, just be yourself and you will be successful.






Thanks For Reading.

***Out Of The Day***

Jacket: Nastygal

Skirt:http: Nastygal

Bodysuit: Nastygal

Bag: Zara

Watch: Daniel wellington

Cuff: Lisa Hoffman

Shoes: Topshop


  1. by Sharon Wu on September 29, 2016  6:22 pm Reply

    You look gorgeous love! xo, sharon

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