I remember as a child I was dreaming and wishing to go to Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower. When you are a kid in Africa you don’t have too many choices. Traveling and exploring the world seems a distant dream, but I always kept my head up high as my hopes. I didn’t know if I would ever make it to Paris at all, but I just knew someday I will get a chance to see this beautiful country and visit the Eiffel Tower.  When I got the chance to come to America, I was so excited because I knew this little girl dreams came do come true and that I’m going to continue to dream and someday, you never know, I just might be lucky enough to actually visit Paris. My friends always tell me I want it all and that I’m a big dreamer but I will be honest with you, I do want it all and I never stop dreaming because it makes me work really hard and I get to see all my hard work also can pay off. So that’s what dreams are for, right?
It took me 9 years since I got to America to finally visit Paris and it still seems so unreal. I can’t even believe I was there. You guys, this trip is such a big deal for me because I’m  a adventurer but I couldn’t figure out how I would get to Europe. I was afraid to go alone, I wanted to share the experience with someone special in my life, I wanted it to be right at the right time. As you can see, I had lots to take in to consideration before taking this big step. At the end of the day, I made it and it was special with my favorite person in the world by my side. I will say it was magical.








When we first landed in Paris it was late and I was so tired but I couldn’t wait to see it all the next day and when the day came I was so happy. We walked everywhere and I saved the Tower for last. It looked as amazing just as I expected and I remember feeling like a kid again hahaha. It was so crowded, people from all over the world come here to see this beautiful “Iron Lady” as I called it and it’s totally worth the travel. I read that is the most visited commercial attraction on the planet. Of course I visited the tower a couple of times to see the three shades printing progressively lighter with elevation, in order to augment the structure’s silhouette against the canvas of the Parisian sky. On my last day in Paris, I went back again, this time very early morning to watch the sunrise behind the tower and that’s when I shot these beautiful images of the tower while wearing one of my favorite designers: Laura Basci.







There were almost nobody there so early in the morning. What a chance from the evening or during the day when it is packed! It made it all that more special. If you’re looking to enjoy the view and have some alone time with the Eiffel tower I’ll recommend going on a Weekday morning. Such a great way to feel the love in Paris. My boyfriend asked me again why is this Tower so important to you? And I told him because since I was I child, I dreamed of this moment and now I get to live in the moment and it’s just so perfect. I don’t want to ever stop dreaming.




Thanks For Reading.

**Outfit Of The Day**

Top: Laura Basci

Pants: Laura Basci

Bag: Nasty Gal

Coat: Laura Basci


  1. by Stephanie on September 22, 2016  11:49 pm Reply

    It's been my dream since a little girl to see the Eiffel Tower in person, as well. I'm so jealous of you but also so glad you got to make your dreams come true. And speaking of dreams, that outfit is DREAMY! Love this, beautiful :)

    Stephanie //

    • by deddehhoward on September 23, 2016  1:08 am Reply

      Hi Stephanie,
      I strongly believe that you will get the chance to see the Eiffel Tower as well. It takes time but dreams do come through. Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. by Sharon Wu on September 23, 2016  12:37 am Reply

    This is such a perfect look for fall! Only you could do yoga so seamlessly in fashionable clothes :P haha xo, sharon

    • by deddehhoward on September 23, 2016  1:04 am Reply

      Hello Sharon,
      Thank you so much, you know how serious I take my yoga hahaha. I just cant help it.

  3. by Atsuna Matsui on September 23, 2016  3:28 am Reply

    You're looking so chic in this classy outfit! I'm particularly in love with the chiffon material of your blouse.


  4. by Miki on September 23, 2016  3:30 am Reply

    Love your outfit. The floral pants are so pretty and the top is so chic. I love Paris. So sweet that you finally went with someone special. :) You can do some amazing things in pretty much anything you wear, Deddeh!


    • by deddehhoward on September 23, 2016  5:18 am Reply

      Hello Miki,
      Thank you so much, its from one of my all time favorite designer Laura Basic. You can't go wrong with her collections. Thank you so much for visiting.

  5. by Jenn Hanft on September 23, 2016  3:30 am Reply

    Aw I'm so glad that you were able to finally go to Paris!! Especially with someone you care about. I remember my first experience there and it was magnificent! I really want to go back! Im obsessed with your outfit!! Those pants are lovely! Glad you took lots of photos too! Definitely so memorable.

    XO Jenn

    • by deddehhoward on September 23, 2016  5:15 am Reply

      Hello Jenn,
      Thank you so much for the kind words, I want to go back too and I cant want to relive this moment.

    • by deddehhoward on September 23, 2016  5:13 am Reply

      Hi Francesca,
      You're so kind, thank you so much for visiting.

  6. by angie on September 23, 2016  4:32 pm Reply

    Ok first, I want that blouse. Need.

    Second, I love that you got to fulfill this dream of yours and make it to Paris! And what a way to commemorate? You got some bomb ass pics girl!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. by molly on September 23, 2016  6:48 pm Reply

    These photos are absolutely amazing and you look seriously gorgeous! Love everything about this post :)


  8. by Esther on September 23, 2016  7:11 pm Reply

    Amazing, keep dreaming and proving dreams do come true xoxo

  9. by Atsuna Matsui on September 24, 2016  3:54 am Reply

    I'm so jealous that you've visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower. These photos are gorgeous and you look absolutely chic!


  10. by Ines on September 24, 2016  5:47 am Reply

    Deddeh! I'm so so happy you had a lovely and magical time. That's my second home!!! You look wonderful too. The lighting was perfection. Xx

  11. by Sangyay C on September 24, 2016  6:45 am Reply

    So happy for you that you fulfilled a childhood dream!! Your photos are amazing too! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

  12. by Mariann Yip on September 26, 2016  1:28 pm Reply

    Wow, you are a beautiful and an amazing woman. I honestly feel like you're such a role model :)


  13. by Bernice on September 26, 2016  1:33 pm Reply

    Living the dream Deddeh! You're so beautiful and your adventures around Paris are breathtaking!

    • by deddehhoward on September 28, 2016  4:39 pm Reply

      Hello Bernice,

      Thank you so much for the kind words, you're so sweet. Thank you for visiting as well.

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