Happy great start of the week everyone. I posted a Instastory on Sunday of going to Church the first time in 8 year and a lot of you wrote me back asking why and the question went on. I just wanted to address it in this post. I grew up a Christian and trust me, I’m still very much Christian, nothing changed. Just the going to church part did. So growing up, I was told I have to go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir, attend bible studies and all other church activities. So ever day and every Sunday I did that and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I struggled with the church growing up and also have to deal with attending different churches. The truth is, I wanted to get away from it for awhile and find my way. I wanted to be the one who told myself to get up and go to church but I wasn’t and for that reason I didn’t like it but I believe in God the higher power and pray to him everyday to lead me and I give thanks for this life.

So when I grew up and started to make my own decisions, I took a break away from all the things I wasn’t sure of or forced to do and one of those things were the Church. So the question is why go back to the church now?. I think I found my way now, and it’s time for me to pick what Church to go to, were to give thanks for all that have happened to me and my family, where to go to surround myself with positive people, to hear the words of God. So, I when to church and I felt amazing because this time It was for a greater reason and on my own will. We shouldn’t be focused to do things in life because at the end of everything, it’s not our will and it doesn’t make us happy.

With that being said, the keys to my smile in these photos is, I found my way, I found what makes me happy, I found my calling, what makes me different from other all on my own. That’s not a easy thing to accomplish in life but when you discover those things, your eyes are open to life in a whole different way. When you find what makes you happy, what you’re on this earth for, don’t hold back. Accept it and have fun, don’t let others decide for you.!

Thanks For Reading.

***Outfit Of The Day***

Top: Frame

Pants: Moschino Couture

Shoes: Nordstrom

Bracelet: Lisa Hoffman

Necklace: Chan Luu



  1. by Sharon Wu on February 7, 2017  10:34 pm Reply

    Omg those pants give me so much life! You are rocking them lady! xoxo, sharon


  2. by Mariann Yip on February 7, 2017  10:56 pm Reply

    This is such a cute and causal outfit! I love the print and you look very relaxed in it :)

  3. by Yasmin on February 7, 2017  11:19 pm Reply

    I'm all about you do what feels right for you. Religion is a very personal thing so I'm glad to see you had a very thoughtful introspective journey going back to Church. Love the printed pants, especially how you paired it with a pajama top. So fun!

    xx Yasmin

  4. by Christine Kong on February 8, 2017  12:12 am Reply

    I am like you...attended church every single week of my life until I got married. Then I stopped for a while. I went back when I had kids so that they would have someone and somewhere to turn to as they got older. We all have our reasons but in the end, as you mentioned, do what feels right and makes you happy. These floral pants are beautiful and also bring a smile to my face. I love the relaxed, pajama inspired blouse as well. Beautiful photos at the Walt Disney Concert Hall! xoxo, Christine

  5. by Jordan Chapman on February 8, 2017  12:14 am Reply

    These pants are epic! I'm all about clothes that promote confidence and you look so confident in these pants. I totally get what you're saying about the Church and I have a lot of the same feelings!
    Jordan xx

  6. by Stephanie on February 8, 2017  3:57 am Reply

    I can understand where you're coming from when you say it's been difficult to attend church because you felt forced to. When I was little, my dad was a pastor, and I grew up in a very legalistic church. A lot of negative things happened to my family as I got older, due to the church we were part of, and for many years I strayed away because I felt like "if one church lied to me, wouldn't all the rest?" but then one day I realized that was another lie I was believing, and I found somewhere that really felt like home for some time! Sadly, I don't get to physically attend anymore due to my stomach illness being most severe during the mornings, but I watch the services either on Facebook Live or through their app, and it's been such a great way to keep filling my spirit with Life and Truth! I'm glad you've gotten to a point where you feel settled in what you've chosen for your life and where it's leading you. Here's to an even more positive future - filled with the cutest pants ;)

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  7. by marcy on February 8, 2017  7:44 am Reply

    Love this playful pants babe and how you style them. You look beautiful!
    I don't go to the church often.I believe you can thank God wherever you are and is not necessary to go to the church to do that.


  8. by Thomas Falkenstedt on February 8, 2017  2:58 pm Reply

    I'm a firm believer in God, but I don't go to church as often "as I should" for the very same reasons you just listed above and am struggling to find a church to call "my own" as well. As I'll be moving across the country very soon I'm waiting to do that until I've moved though. God is with me anyway, I just need to find a place of worship. :)
    And on a completely different note, those pants are on FIRE!


  9. by Samantha Mariko on February 8, 2017  4:48 pm Reply

    now these pants are super cute! I have a pair that are similar in design with the flare and all, and I was wearing those all summer last year! so comfortable! And on the church topic, I also grew up going to church on Sundays but as a child I didn't like it.. it was only a few years ago that I decided I wanted to be a Christian and I go to church when I can :)

  10. by Kusum on February 8, 2017  6:39 pm Reply

    Love your entire outfit babe, head to toe! Those pants are amazing and yes, they definitely are happy pants but your necklace has me swooning gorgeous!

    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  11. by Jo on February 8, 2017  11:27 pm Reply

    I love this whole look from head to toe! Those pants are so fab!

    xo, Jo

  12. by Rachel Vogt on February 9, 2017  12:50 am Reply

    You pants look amazing, well the whole look is fab.
    xoxo, Rachel

  13. by Bernice on February 10, 2017  1:18 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing this on your Insta story and blog! It's good that you can still return on your own free will and find peace xx


  14. by Candace on February 12, 2017  2:14 am Reply

    I totally agree with you about the Church; I was forced to go as well! Now I've kind of sat back and gone at random just when it feels right to go. Only thing is, I haven't found a Church I'm comfortable with calling my home church. I don't feel His spirit when I go and the way I was raised, that's how I should feel. I still; however, am a firm believe in God and faith and I know I'll find somewhere eventually (probably when I move). On another note, I'm a huge fan of this look. You remind me of a ZARA model, in a good way :)


  15. by Helen Chik on February 13, 2017  9:46 am Reply

    They're gorgeous and colourful pants honey!

    Helen xx

  16. by Miki on February 17, 2017  4:47 am Reply

    I love those amazing Mochino Couture pants! You look amazing in this outfit. I used to go to Church a lot as a kid and that's formed my core values. That hasn't changed, but I don't go regularly anymore. I feel that He is always with me. I pray during my meals and connect with Him often and feel good about that.


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