A few weeks ago after my parents got married, my  family and I were walking down the street of Indianapolis going to our car all dressed up in our African outfits that my mom friend made for us. I was wearing this beautiful and colorful skirt suit. For my none African friends, we call this traditional style Dashiki. It’s a very popular design in the African community, the best part about it is, it comes in different colors and you can get it tailored in different styles. From just a shirt to wear with a jean to dresses, overalls, pants set and more. It’s like designing your own clothes just the way you want it. This style I’m wearing was my idea for my family weeding, I was going for more of an African  Princess look and I promise you, I felt like one the moment I put this outfit on.

Anyways back to my story, so while walking down the street of downtown Indianapolis, I noticed a lot of people staing at us and smiling but said nothing so we all just assumed they loved the outfits and probably haven’t seen an African traditional wears. So we just smiled back. After a while, a car stopped on the Side of the road and there was another family in the car. The lady in the driver sit shot out loud ” I just want to let you guys know, you’re the most beautiful family I have ever seen, you guys look amazing in your traditional outfits!”. We said thanks and they drove away.
You guys my heart melted and for some reason my dad noticed the tears in my eyes, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and he asked me what was going on. It was that moment I realized, that was the best compliment I have ever received and it was with my family. That was tears of joy seeing my family happy, my culture and felt my tears rolling down my face as I started to get a real flashback of my culture, my home, my country. I miss Africa so much and I felt more proud to be from such an amazing culture with much hopes, dreams and love. I told myself in bed that night, I’ll never forget where I’m from because it made me strong and stronger each and everyday of my live.
I thought of the time when I was a teenager back in Ghana (West Africa) when my family and I had to pack our things and runaway from shootings and abuse and my father was taken away from us by the corrupt and military arm of the Ghanaian Government for a whole day. It was scary. Not many people in America can imagine what it would feel like if your corrupt military shows up at your door and randomly takes people hostage in order get full control of the country. I remember the look on my mothers face, she was scared, she didn’t want to be there but she was strong for us. That was the moment I hated being in Africa, I wanted a way out, I wasn’t proud.














Looking back at that and seeing my parents looking at me as tears fill my eyes on the street on Indianapolis made me realize that, because of those moments, I am grateful where I am, I’m strong, I’m happy, I’m a proud African and I will never forget that!.

Here is a question for you my loves: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Thanks For Reading.

***Outfit OF The Day**

Skirt set: Traditional style –Dashiki

Choker: TopShot

Shoes: Zara


  1. by Julie Price on July 19, 2016  7:18 pm Reply

    Incredible photos!!! You are a wonderful person! And SO beautiful!!! God Bless!

    • by deddehhoward on July 19, 2016  7:37 pm Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words Julie, you are so kind. Wishing you the best and have a great day.


  2. by Okeke Chinwendu on July 19, 2016  9:54 pm Reply

    The best comment I have ever received is "you're very intelligent and beautiful"

  3. by Metrogypsie on July 19, 2016  10:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing honey...must have been really touching because you are come across as very confident.


  4. by Teshie Ogallo on July 20, 2016  3:26 am Reply

    Wow. This is so moving. .but anyway what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. .so refreshing to see you doing so well after all you went through. #ProudlyAfrican

  5. by Kasie Chelanne on July 20, 2016  4:26 am Reply

    This is such an unbelievably moving post Deddeh, it came close to bringing tears so my eyes! I'm so happy you were able to show such a moving moment and reflect with you family. What an incredible gift!

  6. by Jenn Hanft on July 25, 2016  8:54 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing Deddeh! This was extremely moving and you've come so far. Can't wait to see your journey as it continues. Much love, Jenn.

  7. by Tolaish on September 8, 2016  10:09 pm Reply

    I love this post Deddeh. The pictures are beautiful and amazing, you look super gorgeous in Dashiki.

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