Since school is a big part of my life and a lot of work, I have to take off time to pay more attention to my studies. It have been such a tough week, I’ll say. Three exams this week and less sleep hahaha, I don’t know if my brain can take any more information at this moment so I’m just going to let it all out on the blog for the next few months. I’m so relieved that all my exams are over for now and that I can say, I’m done with school for three months and it’s summer!!. I know all my fellow students feels the same, I’m totally with you. It’s time to relax, party, travel, spend time with new and olds friends that we haven’t had the time to meet up with.




Since Los Angeles is home and we have so many beautiful beaches, I’m starting off the summer on the beach. I promised myself to visit the beach like once a week when I’m in LA. So I have been searching around for the perfect affordable swimwear and I came across this amazing tropical swimlikeamermaid swimsuit. I’m in love with this swimsuit. It reversible to blue and can be worn four different ways. How cool is that?! You pay for one swim set and you get to wear it four different ways. Amazing!




I love all the swimlikeamermaid swim wears especially the tops. It’s the prefect top for an active lifestyle and it have the prefect amount of coverage and support. You’re going to see me in a lot of swimlikeamermaid this summer and I totally recommend it.




Happy summer and swim like a mermaid:)

Thanks for reading.

SWIMWEAR BY: swimlikeamermaid

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  1. by Michelle on June 11, 2016  6:35 am Reply

    OMG!!! I can totally relate to you about the exam. My life has been so tough these past few weeks. Writing project, work and a boyfriend whom I have to create time for. At some point, I felt like giving up. It's even crazy to think of how overly exhausted I was. I am happy I handed in that project this past Thursday, and honestly, yesterday was the first time in a very long time where I woke up feeling so relieved and relaxed that I don't have to think about books, at least for now. I still have one exam, and I am done. And I am so looking forward to visiting my family for the next two months. I am happy for you too that you can finally have some relaxing time.

    I am going to the beach today, and this swimsuit a winner. I like the idea of wearing it four different ways. So cool.

    Btw, if you don't mind me ask. Did you use a zoom or prime lens when taking these crispy and nice pictures? Which one? I love the details in each picture, so clear. :-)

    Wish you a very nice weekend from sunny Denmark


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