I was born and raised in West Africa where it’s almost always  summer (we call it the dry season), it will get very hot, like over 90 degrees or even more and it was beautiful. Being from such  a hot country you’ll think I’d be ok with the heat or sunny days but It have been so hot in LA these past few days making me forgot about the hot days back home, I’m starting to think that LA is hotter than home or may it could be that I have adopted the weather system in America where it get cool for a while and back to being hot. I remember back in Ghana it will get super hot but was never uncomfortable hot, you know that kind of hot where there’s no cool air to take in just hot air and you skin starts to burn and you makeup starts melting ? That’s how hot it is right now in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very fortunate to be in a state where fall and winter  feels like summer but I just wish there were some fall cooling air to go with the heat sometime like back home where there a lot of cool air to go with the hot dry season.

When ever is this hot in LA I’m always looking for beautiful and cool places to go and I try to wear as little clothing as possible. I know there is a saying that you shouldn’t wear black in the heat because black consumes ever more heat but black is my favorite and I have been playing with a lot of colors lately so I decided to go with my all-time simple look today which is black on black and touch of colors. I had to wear my new Michael Kors bag. I got this bag form the Michael Kors fall collection a couple of days ago and today was my first time wearing them. What I really love about this bag is how simple but yet classic it is, you can dress it down and up. It’s beautiful brown and gold color goes with every piece in my wardrobe and it feels good as well, not forgetting  it’s cross over style, making it easy to wear. I’m in love with this bag and I recommend it.

We ended up in beautiful Beverly Hills, full of Palm trees that just keeps going filling the streets  as far as the eye goes. The houses are so beautiful and they all have their own unique look, it’s my dream to live in Beverly Hills one day  just to be close to all those Palm trees and the cool air but for now, I’ll just stay with driving down the street and keep dreaming haha. Anyways back to the hot weather, would you rather have summer all year round or have a real fall and winter with cool or cold air?. Can’t wait to hear what you  think.







secretofdd_deddeh_howard_micheal_kors_bags_2015 secretofdd_Deddeh_howard_fashion_blogger_los_angeles


Thank you so much for reading.


One piece(top): Urban Outfitters

Top(Denim): Joe’s Jeans


Shoes: Joe’s Jeans

Bag: Micheal Kors

watch: Fossil

Bracelet: Pandora

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