Happy Monday everyone. I can’t believe winter is already coming fast towards us. I decided to enjoy my last few days of summer/fall in LA. Los Angeles is a busy city. Wherever you look a lot is going on.  Being busy with school and work I felt I started to neglect working out, which I love a lot and is very important to my energy and feeling good about myself. It is a big challenge to be able to go to your regular workout classes. I heard tough that there was this amazing way of being able to go to many different workout places all for the cost of around $100. It sounded too good to be true. Usually most workout places alone will charge you $130+ just to stay with them alone. It can get expensive very fast, even just to attend some basic classes on a regular basis. At a recent Photoshop I was doing for a fashion designer, the makeup artist there introduced me to this thing called Class Pass. She suggested that through this pass you can go to many different classes in many areas of LA and it sounded unreal. I immediately joined and it made my so excited to try out new things, such as Boxing, Air yoga  and many others. The only limit you have is that you can go to any place 4 times a month. I got so excited I signed up for three classes in one day.  Haha. If you want to discover new workout places definitely check out Class Pass.

Anyway back to fashion: It was a lot of fun to collaborate with fashion designer Laura Basci. More about that later. Her designs inspired me to try out simple yet elegant designs. So while shopping yesterday I found this amazing jump suit from one of my favorite stores: Ted Baker. Their jump suit is unique, old fashioned look but classic and oh… I have a thing for old fashioned outfits . What I like the most about it is, it makes my  legs look super long. The crossing in the back is dynamic and a lot of fun. I paired it with simple black shoes and my favorite Michael Kors bag. I think that with the gold details and with its black and white look you can dress it as you please. But I prefer to wear it as simple as it is.








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****Outfit Of The Day***

Jump suit : Ted Baker

Bag: michael kors

shoes: Aldo

Watch: Apple watch


  1. by Christina on November 29, 2015  11:32 pm Reply

    Hey darling, your blog is amazing! The pictures are breathtaking thanks to your gorgeous figure! You are so lucky to live in LA, I truly love love love it! Visited a couple of months ago and I look back my pictures to visualise that I'm still there!
    This jumpsuit is a fantastic choice by the way, the back cut outs are so so so my thing!!

    • by deddehhoward on December 8, 2015  8:04 am Reply

      Thank you so much Christina for the warm comment, I appreciate it. I put a lot of work into my blog( it's my passion) and people like you make it worthwhile.
      Yes LA is a beautiful city and a lot of fun places to see. I'll post some fun and exciting places of LA and hope this will help you the next time you visit.


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