Happy Friday my loves. I hope you all have a great and exciting weekend ahead. It’s almost summer and I’m excited about this new hair cut I wanted to share with you. I never went this short before and I had no idea if I could actually like my look without longer hair. To be honest, I had no choice  but to cut almost all my hair off. Let me tell you little story of how I got this very short hair cut. Are you ready?

Last year, I decided to be a vegan for all the good reasons. I wanted to put an end to eating unhealthy food that we thought was healthy and safe the lives of all the poor animals on our beautiful planet. I’m also a big animals lovers as I own a lovely and sweet dog name Bella whom I love with all my heart. So I became a vegan, it was hard at the start but it felt like it was meant for me. I was having so much fun discovering all the new vegan restaurants, apps and even connecting with other vegans. I felt stronger and healthier especially while practicing yoga, I could eat a lot and had nothing to worry about because I  knew I was eating healthy vegan food. My friends and family questioned me at first but got eventually comfortable with my new lifestyle.



After 6-7 months of being a vegan, I started to notice so many changes in my body. I lost a lot of weight, my face started to break out really bad (which I never had before) and most importantly my hair. My hair started to fall out like crazy, they were everywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom. I didn’t know what was happening to me or what was going on in my body. As a Health Science student, I knew it was something that my body was reacting to. So I decided to seek a doctor for help. Before seeing the doctor, I tried to donate blood and I was told I couldn’t because my iron level was too low. I knew I had to change something as soon as possible. So I spoke to my doctor and he pointed that the cause of it all was the vegan diet. I wasn’t getting all the nutrients my body needed to function right. Well I was missing a lot of them which caused my skin to react and almost all my hair to fall out over time.



I didn’t wanted to accept that being vegan was treating me this way till my entire body changed, I started to get weaker, sleep less, more breakouts (which I had to cover with a lot of makeup) and very uneven hair. So I had to say bye to my vegan lifestyle and became a Pescetarian (I only eat fish no meat). I’m not saying that being a vegan is very bad for you, all I’m saying is, being vegan is a full time job and it’s not meant for everyone until you take it very serious. I actually loved being a vegan, I just didn’t have time to make it another full time job which taught me a lesson which meant I had to cut all my hair off.  Be very careful with the choices you make. If you want to be a vegan, make sure you see your doctor and be on it with taking your vitamins and other vegan pills that’s needed everyday to balance things out.





I feel like a new person now with all the bad and damaged hair gone. It might take some time for the hair to grow back but for now I am liking this look especially with this beautiful green and silky saboskirt set on. I feel like a queen. How beautiful is this outfit? It’s such a great color to wear both in the spring and summer. One thing I really love about this set is the wrap feature which makes it wearable in different ways. It’s like you have a new skirt and blouse again for a different occasion.

IMG_0525 IMG_0781

Are you a Vegan? whats your story? Also, How would you rock this Saboskirt pieces.

Thanks, for reading.



  1. by Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby on May 13, 2016  7:38 pm Reply

    Awww! Thanks for sharing your story girl! This is so inspiring! xx, sharon |

    • by deddehhoward on May 14, 2016  3:30 am Reply

      Thank you for reading sharon, this means a lot and I'm so happy it's inspiring. Have a great weekend beautiful.

  2. by Seyi on May 13, 2016  8:37 pm Reply

    You look stunning!! Love the color of that set also :)

    • by deddehhoward on May 14, 2016  3:25 am Reply

      Hi Seyi, green is my favorite color. Thank you so much.

  3. by Annie on May 26, 2016  6:58 am Reply


  4. by Shay on June 12, 2016  11:56 am Reply

    I had the exact same issue, i lost so much weight, but i also started feeling very weak and ill. My hair was falling out, my iron levels were so low my doctor was worried. Now i'm Pescetarian, happy and healthier.

    Your haircut looks very lovely :)

  5. by YettaGfayct on November 13, 2016  6:36 pm Reply

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