Hey guys, can you believe the holiday season is already here?! time does fly and it’s already time to to show some love to your love ones or yourself. For today’s post, I have partnered up with ShopRunner to introduce you to easy, fast and great shopping deals. Have you heard of Shoprunner? If not, no big deal I’m going to break it down for you. Because I love this site so much, I made a video for you guys and hope it helps explain a little about Shoprunner.

More details about Shoprunner if you’re not familiar with the site. Shoprunner is like Amazon Prime, but for 140+ stores like Lucky Brand, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and many more with amazing deals. So exciting isn’t it?! You can shop at all your favorite stores on one site. Here is my favorite part about Shoprunner, it offers free 2-day shipping and free returns. I find the 2-day shipping stress free because I’m such a late shopper when it comes to holidays shopping. ShopRunner makes sense for almost anyone that shops online.

Shoprunner is also offering a 12 Days of Giveaways to 78 lucky Winners. Here is the link to enter the Giveaways. www.shoprunner.com .
You can begin to enter starting November 4, 2016 up until  December 6, 2016 for your chance to win amazing holiday gifts.
When you enter you will be signed up for a free 3 month membership!! (no credit card required)
Winners will be announced everyday between December 12, 2016 to December 23, 2016.
So hurry up and sign up and happy shopping my loves.

Thanks for Reading.

Link for Giveaways: www.shoprunner.com


  1. by gracie on November 22, 2016  8:18 pm Reply

    I have never heard of Shoprunner but am definitely going to check it out. Sounds great & perfect for the busy person. Thanks for sharing :)
    xx, gracie

  2. by Stephanie on November 22, 2016  10:08 pm Reply

    Omg your video is so cute, babe! I heard of ShopRunner last week from Sharon of Style Lullaby, and I'm so dying to try it out! Sounds like such a great concept. Thanks for sharing it!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  3. by Thomas Falkenstedt on November 22, 2016  10:12 pm Reply

    Seriously, you could have written me a 10 page long description, but without the video I wouldn't have realized how great Shoprunner is and how EASY it is (and fast). Now the only thing I need is those legs of yours and I'm good to go. Haha. :)
    Thanks for a great tip hun!


  4. by Christine Kong on November 23, 2016  12:06 am Reply

    I love Amazon Prime so I have no doubt I will love ShopRunner. I haven't heard of it before, but I definitely need to check it out especially for holiday shopping. Thanks for introducing it to me! This is amazing! xoxo, Christine

  5. by Bernice on November 23, 2016  1:49 am Reply

    What a cool Competition! That's so many happy winners for the Christmas season!


  6. by rachel on November 23, 2016  2:03 am Reply

    Oh i've been seeing this everyone talking about this brand. Look so good. I need to check it out.
    xoxo, Rachel


  7. by Sharon Wu on November 23, 2016  3:57 am Reply

    I love ShopRunner! You make the best videos Deddeh! It was so enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing xo, sharon


  8. by Josie on November 23, 2016  4:08 am Reply

    It's such a great idea to a video explaining the process! I've just heard of ShopRunner and I'm really impressed with the super fast shipping especially.
    Thanks for sharing this

    Bisous, Josie


  9. by Linh Dao on November 23, 2016  4:56 am Reply

    Love your video! and I keep seeing ShopRunner around! I need to give them a look to see if I can partner up with them too! Thanks for sharing!


  10. by Samantha Mariko on November 23, 2016  3:20 pm Reply

    If it's like Amazon Prime, it must be really useful! I'll have to check it out. you look great in this outfit :)

  11. by Jo on November 23, 2016  5:02 pm Reply

    Oh girl, you look so beautiful in that video. I never used Shop Runner but my sister does. I am so into Amazon Prime but it seems like Shop Runner gives us more shopping choices. I will definitely check it out.


  12. by Camille Nichelini on November 23, 2016  10:03 pm Reply

    That sounds like a great online shopping resource!

  13. by Lily on November 23, 2016  10:10 pm Reply

    Omg you are the cutest ever!!! I need to check them out, I've seen them everywhere now!

  14. by Jenn Hanft on November 24, 2016  8:08 am Reply

    I've actually never heard of Shop Runner but I'm so glad you shared this because I love amazon prime! Makes ordering so much easier and hassle free since waiting for regular shipping takes forever!

    Xx Jenn

  15. by Yuena Li on November 24, 2016  8:24 am Reply

    What a great ad! :D I love amazon prime so this might be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

  16. by Jo on November 24, 2016  2:53 pm Reply

    Shop Runner sounds so amazing, especially for this time of year! I'm going to be needing that 2 day shipping for the last minute gifts I'm sure I'll have to get haha!

    xo, Jo

  17. by Atsuna Matsui on November 24, 2016  10:31 pm Reply

    I've never heard of ShopRunner before but I like the pieces that you're rocking here! They look absolutely so chic doll and I'll definitely check out their stuff. :) Maybe I can even find some pieces as holiday gifts for my friends.


  18. by Yasmin on November 26, 2016  3:22 am Reply

    Such a cute video! Love that they help you save money with great deals on shipping! I'm all about saving the money, especially this weekend!

    xx Yasmin

  19. by Kusum on November 28, 2016  1:54 am Reply

    I have heard of Shoprunner but never really used it, should definitely give it a try! Their giveaways sounds amazing! Your video is amazing and you look so adorbs love.
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  20. by francesca on November 28, 2016  5:46 pm Reply

    I had never heard of them! Always love learning something new.
    xx Francesca

  21. by Jordan Chapman on November 30, 2016  8:14 pm Reply

    Shoprunner has always been a fave place of mine to shop!!
    Jordan xx

  22. by Miki on December 1, 2016  9:06 pm Reply

    Such a great website and love the hosted giveaway!


  23. by Marcy on December 10, 2016  7:32 am Reply

    Never heard about this!! Definately will check then out. Thabks for sharing this with us.


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