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Traveling from Los Angeles to Canada was an amazing experience. It was my first time in Canada, in fact it was my first time outside of the US since I moved here eight years ago. I was excited and ready to take this trip. We stayed in downtown Vancouver in a beautiful apartment with an amazing view just down the street from all the popular shopping centers.



Upon my arrival, I slipped into some comfortable jeans and shoes and a nice black and white blouse to complete my outfit and I was out of the door to check out this new country. We were very hungry so we rushed out to get some food and that’s when I really realized that, the Canadian weather is not the same as LA. I was very cold but also started to getting used to it as the day went on.



The city is very beautiful and clean, I could see the color of spring in the air, the trees leaves and the people. The people were very nice and friendly, we even had a gentlemen offer us a bus pass to the Capilano Suspension Bridge which I thought was very nice. We spend most of our time discovering the beauty of the city, trying new food and shopping . My Favorite restaurant in the city is the Cactus Club Cafe, the food here was great and I did go back for the 2nd time. At night the Cafe tuned into a hip lounge with a DJ just when you walk in.





I had no idea the Vancouver is a party town just like Los Angeles, at night I saw the simplicity of both cities, the party life and the fashion of the people. I really wish I could have stayed more but it’s definitely a country I’ll will be visiting again. I took some amazing photos for you guys, let me know what you think of the country if you’ve been there.



Thanks for reading.


Jeans: American Eagle outfitters
Yoga Pans: Athleta
Tops: Zara
Shoes: Zara and Nike
Watch: Fossil

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