Happy Tuesday my loves. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas and I am very excited. Two of my cousins will come visit me in LA and I can’t wait to spend some time with them. So many ideas of what you are going to do in running though my head as I’m writing. Christmas in many places also means it is getting cold. It reminds me a lot of Vancouver that I visited recently. The weather got chilly but I still wanted to dress stylish. This is the outfit I came up with and that seemed to be a good fit.

Living in LA made me not well prepared at all for such kind of weather. LA is most of the time sunny and you rarely need a coat. Thank god I had a my everyday leather coat with me that I could just pull out and pair with my Zara tan coat, which gives me the stylish black and tan look. It is challenging to work with layers but is also let’s you become very creative. You can add and remove layers as the weather changes. I find it really easy just layering with things that I have in my closet. Especially when I am on a trip.

Let me know how you like to dress when it gets cold. Many girls love their coats and boots and you can see that a lot in cities like New York, Montreal or Vancouver, what about you?








Thanks for reading.

**Outfit Of The Day**

Full outfit: Zara


  1. by Regina L. l. Wells on December 12, 2015  4:36 pm Reply

    I was already in love with this outfit with just the vest, but then you put that leather jacket on and took the outfit to BA status. Love it!

    • by deddehhoward on December 15, 2015  3:20 am Reply

      Thank you Regina, I thought the Leather jacket will add that finish touch to the outfit. I'm glad you love it.

  2. by Viakaadeya on January 11, 2016  2:38 am Reply

    Deddeh you're astonishingly beautiful.... I'm just WOW! by what I've seen. You a beautiful creation.

    • by deddehhoward on January 11, 2016  3:25 am Reply

      Viakaadeya, Thank you so much for the kind words and visiting my blog. I'm glad you like it.


  3. by Lysandra on February 4, 2016  11:25 pm Reply

    Loving this look! Your style is phenomenal :)

    • by deddehhoward on February 6, 2016  6:49 am Reply

      Thank you so much Lysandra, you comment motivates me to come up with more inspiring contents. Thank you:)

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