The color RED makes me so happy. I know I have been obsessed lately with color blocking and playing with patterns. I can’t help that this fall is all about colors and It happen to be the time I choose to get more into colors. By that, I meant, starting to add more colors to my closet. Before,  when I would walk into a store, I’d head go right for the neutral colors, the black, tan and white because it just so easy to wear. For a long time I didn’t really notice that closet was just black and white. A little bit of color variety but not that much. The same with me and my love for Jeans. I said to myself it’s time to make a little change. The reason why I was avoiding so many colors was because I love to match my clothing and I thought black, tan and white is perfect for that but I was wrong. Let’s wear some colors shall we?

Red is so bold, classic and sexy. “Lady In Red”,  we all hear that song right? She’s sexy and when she walks in the room, it’s hard not to notice her. That’s what wearing bright and bold colors does to your look. I got to say, I love this red set so much that I decided not to pair it with any other colors. I mean why should I right? This pants take me back to the 70s ( even though I didn’t exist at that time), the beautiful wild legs plus the blazer is definitely a show stopper. I was driving by the store and the saw these pants in the window and I told my friend, I know I have too many pants but this one is special and I got to try it on ( I say that all the time, by the way hahaha) I and fell in love.











Over the past few months, I realized that colors are so fun when you know how to pair them, and if you’re not sure on how to pair them, just go with matching. It’s bold anyways and it’s Fall, the season of colors and you just can’t go wrong. Just don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t let your complexion stop you from wearing patterns and colors that you love. you’re will be surprised how many complements you will get.







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  1. by Sharon Wu on October 20, 2016  12:26 am Reply

    You look amazing in red babe! Love this entire look from head to toe :) xo, sharon

  2. by Miki on October 20, 2016  5:20 am Reply

    I love this colour on you. It's a beautiful outfit. You look gorgeous.


  3. by Mariann Yip on October 20, 2016  4:53 pm Reply

    I absolutely love the color red as well. It's so bold and sexy and you look amazing in it. You are also totally rocking that suit :)


  4. by Ines on October 20, 2016  10:02 pm Reply

    Wow, babe!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING - as always. I love that bag too. I would totally buy that! Xx

  5. by uptownwithmickaa on October 21, 2016  6:42 am Reply

    You are my inspiration and this look amazing on you

  6. by Stephanie on October 21, 2016  3:11 pm Reply

    This is one stand-out monochromatic burnt red outfit, babe! I'm loving those pants on you, especially - they make your legs go on forever! Totally killer vibes!

    Stephanie //

  7. by Jenn Hanft on October 22, 2016  4:17 am Reply

    Red is definitely your color! You stand out and it looks gorgeous on you :)

    XO Jenn

  8. by Sangyay C on October 23, 2016  1:35 am Reply

    Yes I love that you are experimenting with more color and you look amazing in RED!!

  9. by Jeri on October 29, 2016  3:25 am Reply

    Definitely your color. ❤❤

  10. by Christine Kong on November 5, 2016  6:43 pm Reply

    Wow you look amazing in red and I would have never thought to do a monochrome outfit in all red, but this is striking. You are fierce and fabulous head to toe! xoxo, Christine

  11. by Jessie on November 6, 2016  2:12 am Reply

    Lady you are totally rocking this red outfit!!! stunning!!


  12. by Atsuna Matsui on November 6, 2016  5:35 pm Reply

    Despite this outfit being entirely red, you actually pull it off so well! You totally look like a #GirlBoss here and rocking this power suit.


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