Time flies so fast, it has been a week already since I met my dad for the first time in 9 years. I didn’t know what to expect but it all went so smoothly and now it feels like he haven’t been away for so long. I spent most of my days in Indianapolis( vacation) talking, watching movies, cooking and driving my father and my little brother everywhere and it feels so good. A few days ago I told my dad that I’m going to make him some of my healthy food because he keeps eating rice and soup (which happen to be my native meal) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I did, apparently it was way too healthy for him and he only eat the fish not the salads hahaha. I took him to the gym, showed him some yoga moves and it was way too much for him as well so now I decided to take things one step at the time and not overwhelmed him with the new Deddeh’s ways.

The most interesting part, is telling my father about my blog and how it works. First, you want to know what he said to me when I put on my bikini? Just about what every African dad would say to his daughter. He said to me ” Go to your room and cover your body, stop showing your naked body to people” looks like I wouldn’t be wearing any bikini around my dad anytime soon.






My dad is in favor of my style, he said to me the other day, you have the best sense of style when you’re cover up in clothes and I said ok dad, thank you hahaha. Yep that’s my father, making sure I stay away from those bikini.

When I showed him this beautiful Embellished Leather Skirt images I shot, he loved it and I did too. This Nasty girl Leather skirt is my favorite summer must have so far. What I really love about this skirt is, you can wear it with just about anything. It can be dressed up or down. Throw on a white tee and a pair of sandals to hang with girls and you look fabulous. Pair it with a leather jacket and some nice heels and you’re date ready. So if you are looking for that one piece that will add some fun to your closet, think Nastygal Embellished Leather skirt cause it sure will.






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Photographer: Chase Shi

**Outfit Of The Day**

Bodysuit: Top Shop

Skirt: Top Shop

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Nordstom

choker: Top Shop



  1. by stylehue on June 28, 2016  8:23 pm Reply

    Pink looks cute on you :) It's great that you got to see your dad again after so many years, and I think little by little he will get used to your way. But yeah I don't think any dad would like the bikini part :p
    Hahha you will always be his little girl and not an adult :)


    • by deddehhoward on June 29, 2016  5:20 am Reply

      Aww Camilla & Julia, you ladies are so so sweet. I agree, little by little.. he just need time to get used to being in another country first and than comes the others lol. Thank you so much again for reading and have a great day.


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