They say you never go wrong with black and I say you never go wrong with a black jumpsuit. Thanks to Laura Basci for this beautiful and comfortable jumpsuit. Isn’t it lovely? Over the weekend after a long week of exams and school struggle, I had the chance to take a break from everything and just breathe again. When I say breathe, I mean take a break to step outdoors, close your eyes and enjoy all things beautiful around us that our busy brain sometimes can’t see. When ever I think of a break, I think of a far far land with not many people just my thoughts and nature. It’s so relaxing going to places that’s full of life, places that clear your mind and help you recover from a long day of work, school or just a busy life.





Spending time in the desert was the best way to go for me. It was very hot but relaxing at the same time. The smell and nature breeze took over me as I was walking around. It reminds me of back home in Africa where we are not always surrounded by the city but nature. Of course I didn’t walk around in the desert with these heels on hahaha but this location is so beautiful and I wanted to share a relaxing but yet fashionable shots with you, which brings about the heels from my car that I was going to wear out. Thank god, I had a great pair of heels in car that day.





We get so distracted by what is going on around us and it is very important as a human to take a break, so the next time you need a break, just go away for a bit and clear your mind.. Into a far far land to find your self again.






Thanks For Reading.


Jumpsuit: Laura Basci

Shoes: Zara

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  1. by Diane on May 8, 2016  12:58 am Reply

    The Jumpsuit looks stylish yet comfortable. You look beautiful

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