Wow! Thank you so much Good Morning America for having me speak about diversity, and for helping spread this message. It was an honor speaking on the show today.

The Black Mirror project have been just a great experience and we’re just so happy that you guys are on this road to fright for diversity with us. We had no idea that this would viral around the world!

This takes me back to when Raffael and I first spoke about the  Black Mirror Project , when we spoke about shooting these images It sounded like an impossible feat to pull off. I asked him: “You want me to go against all the big brands and top models in the world? That’s insane, how I’m going to do that? Not only I’m frustrated that I get kicked out the door because on my skin tone, now you want the entire fashion industry to laugh even harder at me for attempting this?” He looked at me and said “You can do this, you have been fighting this for such a long time and wanted to speak out about it and if there’s anyone that can pull this off you can, I believe in you.” That was so so inspiring knowing that for the first time some one believed in me and was willing to stand my be to show the world what diversity is capable of!
This is just about what you guys are doing, standing by me, speaking out with me, fighting with me. I definitely think the fashion industry have heard us. Let’s see what they do now. It’s time for change and we’re not going to stop calling them out till they make a change so let’s keep fighting and spreading the word!.
Thanks for reading and thanks for all the  love and support.

Black Mirror projected created by Raffael Dickreuter and Deddeh Howard


Photorapher: Raffael Dickreuter

Model: Deddeh Howard

Makeup: Jessica Davis

Special Thanks to Kiwi Indian Motorcycles

Thanks to Don L, Tanc Sade, Melissa Hoyle


  1. by Lumbie Mlambo on December 10, 2016  2:37 am Reply

    Deddeh, I loved your interview! You got it, girl! You've shown the world that you've got what it takes to be a model, like any other model out there. I wish you the best!

  2. by LANATRIA on December 10, 2016  4:09 am Reply


  3. by Berlange on December 10, 2016  5:47 am Reply

    Thank you for using your voice for us! I stand with you. I and many others has been through it and still going through it. From having too many black girls, one that already looks like me, to I'm not good enough because of my birth defect. I have heard it all! It's enough, it's time! We are so worth it. WE MATTER!

  4. by Mari on December 10, 2016  7:18 am Reply

    Loved it!

  5. by Que Barriere on December 10, 2016  9:21 am Reply

    Hi DD, I am a Liberian girl living in Irivne,CA. Such a small world! Congratulation and thank you and Raffael for this project! You look amazing and u showed the world the truth. God bless and your time is now! shine bright darling!

  6. by Pentené on December 11, 2016  8:07 am Reply

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for being brave. You are a true inspiration for us all. Don't stop forcing conversation about diversity in the fashion industry. Keep making us proud. God bless. Xo

    P.S. You nailed each look!

  7. by AnaOno on December 11, 2016  6:44 pm Reply

    Amazing, the talent, beauty and message!!! You go girl! I have a lingerie line, AnaOno, that uses women affected by breast cancer, in all shapes, sizes & nationalities! I know how it feels to feel like your body has been left out in this world of media, it is important to tell the world that ALL women are beautiful, no matter the color of their skin, breasts or no breast, little or full figure! Thanks for being strong to share this platform with all of us! xoxo

  8. by Agnieszka Reszka on December 14, 2016  8:32 pm Reply

    Show all of them! A model world is not only for white skin. You are so beautiful and is so many more different tape of faces in the word which can by a top. I believe in you and your project ;-) They noted you already, now is time they start to listing.... Cross my fingers for you and wish you all the best from Poland!

  9. by carolina g.ticala on December 14, 2016  8:50 pm Reply

    A very interesting post !!!
    We'll be in touch!!!!

  10. by Yasmin on December 16, 2016  1:01 am Reply

    Love this initiative! I am glad that your boyfriend let you see that when you are angry with something, don't brush it off but, instead come up with your own solutions!!!
    xo, Yasmin

  11. by Mariann yip on January 12, 2017  8:56 pm Reply

    As mentioned time and time again, you are such a powerful and inspiring model and person! I'm so glad you received recognition for your hard work and it has definitely started a conversation that needed to take place!

  12. by francesca on January 12, 2017  9:11 pm Reply

    oh my gosh woman this is so amazing! I remember when I saw your posts blow up over this campaign you did. So amazing. Congratulations you inspiring chica!I love how you took fashion to the next level and are fighting with a strong positive message !
    Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

  13. by Samantha Mariko on January 13, 2017  2:32 am Reply

    This is so awesome !! This must have been such a cool experience to be on Good Morning America :) Congratulations!

  14. by Stephanie on January 13, 2017  4:59 am Reply

    I watched this video the day you first posted about it on IG! So incredible to watch you grow from this particular campaign you put together. I've been telling everyone about it because you're just such an inspiration to me! You go girl. Keep shining bright!

    Stephanie //

  15. by Helen Chik on January 13, 2017  8:18 am Reply

    Wow girl that is amazing and I remember reading the post and seeing the images you created for the cause and so agree with what you're fighting for! Even people of Asian descent face the same struggles and I'm so proud of what you've achieved!!

    Helen xx

  16. by Miki on January 13, 2017  9:29 am Reply

    Yesss. I am so proud of you. This is amazing. I loved that shoot. So awesome you are speaking on behalf of every race and color.


  17. by Jo on January 13, 2017  4:35 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Deddeh! This is so awesome! I'm so happy to hear that your message is getting the recognition that it deserves.

    xx, Jo

  18. by Candace on January 13, 2017  8:23 pm Reply

    What a huge accomplishment to appear on Good Morning America. I really enjoyed your interview babe!

  19. by Thomas Falkenstedt on January 13, 2017  9:47 pm Reply

    Honey, I am IMMENSELY proud of you! Look at where you are! You've got so far with your project and as you can see it's needed as there still are backwards opinions out there. Especially these days :(
    Once again, SO proud of you!

  20. by Yasmin on January 13, 2017  9:56 pm Reply

    You totally deserve all the recognition. You can see how much hard work and meticulous detail went into planning these shoots. Congrats babe!

    xx Yasmin

  21. by Jordan Chapman on January 13, 2017  11:11 pm Reply

    I'm obsessed with this interview!! Saw it the other day and was clapping the whole time! Thank you for doing these shoots and showing just how beautiful my brown skin can be!
    Jordan xx

  22. by Sharon Wu on January 14, 2017  6:31 am Reply

    Girllll you continue to kill it every time! So proud of all you've achieved. Thanks for inspiring us all! xo, sharon

  23. by Josie on January 14, 2017  11:33 am Reply

    Really proud of you darling. You deserve all this success and thank you for speaking the truth! It's time people realize this is not normal and that change is necessary!

    Bisous, Josie

  24. by Christine Kong on January 14, 2017  7:01 pm Reply

    This is so amazing and you are sending such a powerful image. I love all the shots you recreated and you nailed each of those looks perfectly. I love that you got interviewed by GMA and the message has been sent all over. You are such an inspiration and I love what you do! xoxo, Christine

  25. by Lucy Hernandez on January 15, 2017  6:43 am Reply

    What an incredible project and cause! Congratulations on this and on setting and amazing example to all little girls of color that they are equal beautiful and deserving! The world is changing slowly but it is changing. Xo

  26. by Jenn Hanft on January 16, 2017  4:29 am Reply

    OMG Deddeh this is such an amazing achievement and milestone! I remember this post so vividly and how it made me so happy that you decided to take it up and go about it so honestly and creatively. I'm so glad that it was able to bring you to GMA to be able to speak about it and reach even more people than you already have. You are incredible and beautiful! Keep spreading this positive message and I can't wait to see how you greatly impact everyone!

    XO Jenn

  27. by Atsuna Matsui on January 16, 2017  6:22 pm Reply

    That is soo exciting that you were interviewed by Good Morning America. I remember seeing your IG video post about this couple weeks ago and I'm so proud of you. :)

  28. by Linh dao on January 16, 2017  11:57 pm Reply

    Gosh! This is so amazing! I love that you went viral on so many newsfeed! It is so great! Congrats girl! I see big things ahead for you! Keep it up!

  29. by Marcy on January 25, 2017  11:33 pm Reply

    I remember when I saw this interview and was So proud to see you there babe! You are such a inspiration for many womens like us! You are going to be big I know it.

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