I remember my mother asking me why are you so excited for summer? She would say to me, what is summer, because you never had summer back in Africa. She was right, there is no such thing as summer back home but I’m in America now and Summer means, no school, Fashion show at home with playful styles with bright colors and real full bikini days. I have never been this excited because I spent most of my Summer days living the American dream. When I say American dream I mean actually working and taking Summer classes in college. All summer I would end up working and going to  school and would only get a week off to actually enjoy free time. I never really got to enjoy the summer  how I wanted it to be. This summer will be actually the first time where I really get to enjoy it and have lots of time off.





I’m so happy about about all the plans I have and can’t wait to share it with you guys. There’s going to be new and exciting adventures, discovering new places, new styles and tips to help you get and be Summer ready. Lets start with this amazing House of CB look. One of my favorite Summer colors. I love the open back and if it’s get cold in Summer, you can pair it up with a great and affordable jacket or blazer and your look is complete.







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Jumpsuit: House Of CB

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Channel



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