Guess who? I know, I look so different to the point when I look at my self in the mirror I see a different person. That’s the beauty of switching it up sometimes. Oh how I miss my long hair!! There is a reason for the long hair, but I can’t fully reveal yet why, it is a secret at the moment, but stay tuned, but just know that I used to wear my hair long and for almost three years I wore my neutral hair. So it’s time for a change.

The hair only lasted for two days, after my shoot, because I’m not used to it yet and I wanted to take it off so bad. I got a lot of positive feedback for my long hair so I decided to wear long hair for the winter. How exciting right? I can’t wait for you guys to see what I decide on. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know.





Back to fashion: love me some denim on denim. I grew up as a tomboy and all I’ll wear if denim and I loved it. I don’t know what I really loved about it but I find myself buying denim whenever I’m out shopping. Over the years I slowly started to give up my tomboyish ways but somewhere dip inside of me, I will always be that girl and this outfit proves it.!That girl that loves wearing oversized jackets with jump suits. Lets just say I’m going to keep mixing it up. The best part of wearing denim is you can pair it with just about anything. I pair this look with a studded closet top and a black boots. Simple but yet fun.










The combination of the outfit and the hair makes me feel like a tomboy and my very ladylike. That’s the beauty of a great outfit right. If that outfit can make you feel sexy and yourself, you know you’re wearing the right outfit right?!






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***Outfit Of The Day***

Full outfit: Guess

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Chanel


  1. by Jo on November 9, 2016  1:56 am Reply

    I love seeing you in both long and short hair actually. You have that perfect face shape which allows you to wear your hair in different styles. I have a very round face so short hair differently doesn't suit me :(. This denim on demin look is always amazing - it's like the mix of edgy and feminine!


    • by deddehhoward on November 9, 2016  4:08 am Reply

      Aww thank you Jo. you know, I've seen some women with short hair and round faces and they look amazing. You're beautiful and it will look great on you.

  2. by Samantha Mariko on November 9, 2016  2:39 am Reply

    you'd probably look good with any hairstyle:) these photos are stunning, love the jeans!

    • by deddehhoward on November 9, 2016  4:06 am Reply

      Thank you Samantha, you're so kind.

  3. by Christine Kong on November 9, 2016  3:10 am Reply

    You are seriously a MAJOR babe! I love this long hair and your poses are on point! I love how you styled this overall and this corset top rocks! So fierce and fabulous! xoxo, Christine

  4. by Sharon Wu on November 9, 2016  4:14 am Reply

    Omggggg such a stunner!!! You seriously rock all sorts of hair styles girl!!! Loving this denim on denim look xo, sharon

  5. by Jenn Hanft on November 9, 2016  4:40 am Reply

    I absolutely love you with long hair. I think that you can rock any look and you're seriously killing it with this outfit. That corset is to die for and paired with that denim jacket is just amazing!

    Xoxo Jenn

  6. by Lily on November 9, 2016  7:36 am Reply

    Babe alert- goodness!! You are rocking on these pieces and making denim on denim look so good! Xx

  7. by Miki on November 9, 2016  9:21 am Reply

    Wow, I love your hair long and short Deddeh! So pretty! I love your edgy look and I also used to be a tomboy who only really cared about sports, so I totally get where you're coming from and think this is a great look. :)


  8. by Helen Chik on November 9, 2016  9:31 am Reply

    Girl can you be more fierce? Loving the double denim and those 70s vibes in these photos!

    Helen xx

    • by deddehhoward on November 9, 2016  4:13 pm Reply

      Thanks you so much for the kind words Helen and thanks for visiting.

  9. by Bernice on November 9, 2016  12:07 pm Reply

    You are unbelievably gorgeous and especially in denim! What are your favourite denim brands and pieces? I'd love to know more and see more shots!

    • by deddehhoward on November 9, 2016  4:12 pm Reply

      Thanks you so much Bernice, I really love Guess, Diesel, True Religion and Levl's. They fits me so perfect and comfortable too. I'm always looking for new ones and there will be more shots soon.

  10. by Thomas Falkenstedt on November 9, 2016  3:20 pm Reply

    Whoever came up with the "rule" "never wear denim with denim" oughta be hanged as I LOVE denim on denim and you look so edgy and stylish wearing this. Your long hair is fabulous, but I can understand it takes a lot more time to fix and all that, but for the winter it could actually be quite cosy. I love the way you styled these Guess pieces and damn you look good! :D


    • by deddehhoward on November 9, 2016  4:08 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Thomas. I'm really looking forward to having it in during the winter as I'm going to spending sometime In Indiana which is very cold.haha.

  11. by Jo on November 9, 2016  5:14 pm Reply

    Your hair is so gorgeous!! I love the way you wore your overalls! Such a cool, street chic look.

    xo, Jo

  12. by Josie on November 9, 2016  6:36 pm Reply

    You sure look different with long hair but still so gorgeous! Love the outfit and that little Chanel bag ♡

    Bisous, Josie

    • by deddehhoward on November 10, 2016  4:39 am Reply

      Thank you Josie, That's so sweet of you.

  13. by Stephanie on November 9, 2016  8:03 pm Reply

    OH MY GOSH THIS. THIS THIS THIS. Deddah, you look absolutely incredible with those long locks! And girl I was loving the big hair, and I love your hair short, but these soft curls might be my favorite! Also, these photos look straight out of a magazine. You're a covergirl for sure! I can't get enough of this post. Can't wait to see what's next!

    Stephanie //

    • by deddehhoward on November 10, 2016  4:38 am Reply

      Reading your comment make me smile, you're so nice. Thanks you so much and I'm so glad you like the hair. I think It's a keeper. Thank you so much Stephanie.

  14. by Kathryn on November 9, 2016  8:42 pm Reply

    Love love love this look!! You look like a *total* badass here. Love how you styled the overalls instead of wearing them the traditional way.
    Xx, K

    • by deddehhoward on November 10, 2016  4:33 am Reply

      Thank you for the kind words Kathryn and thanks for visiting.

  15. by Fe Samaia on November 10, 2016  2:14 am Reply

    Thats so fun that you get to have long and short hair at the same time!! You look amazing with both long and short hair. You are so beautiful loved seeing these pics of you :)


    • by deddehhoward on November 10, 2016  4:34 am Reply

      I know right Fe, I think it was a great investment. Thanks you so Much for the kind words.

  16. by Yasmin on November 10, 2016  3:09 am Reply

    Such a cool way to wear your overalls with a studded body suit. You totally are channeling a guess model in this look. And I love the hair and the contrasting strap on your booties.

    xx Yasmin

    • by deddehhoward on November 10, 2016  4:35 am Reply

      You're so kind, thank you so much for visiting Yasmin.

  17. by Marcy on November 10, 2016  4:58 am Reply

    Wow babe absolutely love this Guess total denim look! Been trying to find an overall like this absolutely love it with the black addition!


  18. by rachel on November 11, 2016  12:54 am Reply

    wow babe, such a nice outfit. Love you bodysuit.
    xoxo, Rachel

  19. by rachel on November 11, 2016  12:57 am Reply

    Yay that's so awesome. Voted! He will win this. Thanks for sharing love.
    xoxo, Rachel

  20. by Linh Dao on November 11, 2016  8:08 am Reply

    You look so fierce! You can pull of long and short hair! I wish I could do the same! I love your outfit and the denim on denim is such a great look!


  21. by Olga on November 12, 2016  12:59 am Reply

    You are beautiful and glowing all that melanin is on another level lovey. Long hair suits you eswel. And ohh I love the denim on denim style. You rocked it

  22. by Caprice bianca on November 12, 2016  6:33 am Reply

    Too many great things to say about this post! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and suits you. Your make up is beyond stunning. And your styling is perfection. I look forward to more of your posts!

  23. by Jordan Chapman on November 17, 2016  12:43 am Reply

    OMG!! You're killing this look and you just slayed my life!! Love those overalls on you and you're just serving looks!!
    Jordan xx

  24. by lanatria ellis on November 18, 2016  9:37 pm Reply

    Love this look! I think this by far is my fave look.You really have the 'Guess' aesthetic down to a science here! Fierce, sexy, and playful with a sprinkle of grunge.I just love looking at your pics.Thanks for keeping me inspired - IG @Caribbean_cowgirl

  25. by Rita on November 20, 2016  9:21 pm Reply

    Great post, love the whole look and the hair.

  26. by Yuena Li on November 24, 2016  8:06 am Reply

    LOVED your OOTD. You look amazing in it! When I'm no longer preggo will be sure to try to pull off overalls again.

    With Love,

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