It is time for more diversity and models of all races being seen.





We are bombarded everyday with flashy advertisement, billboards and television ads that try to inspire us to buy the products that are hitting the market. Something that always bothered me when you see these amazing images that very rarely you ever see a black woman on them. When growing up as a girl I always wondered, why the big brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Guess and many others rarely seem to use a black model? And if they do, a very small group of black models does make the cut here and there, but that group seems to remain pretty much identical over a long period of time.

In a time where black people too often are in the media for being underrepresented at important events such as the Oscars or make headlines for being targeted by the police I felt it was time to do something positive and inspiring about my race. For too long the negativity seemed to take over in the public eye.

More equal visibility of all races, being it white, black, Asian, Latino etc would help all of us believing in our potential.

I hope this project can help to bring awareness back to the positive side of black people. Unfortunately we are rarely shown in a positive light in the media, but can see countless times when yet another black person gets shot or arrested. Seeing Jasmine Tookes wearing the most expensive bra at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was so inspiring, we need more of those moments.

Black Mirror project created by Deddeh Howard and Raffael Dickreuter 





Not to long ago it happened to me that I would walk into various fashion model agencies and I would immediately be compared to that one or two black model that they had on the roster. Even though I was told by those agencies that I have an amazing look and wish they could represent me, they already have a black model.  Besides having an abundance of white models. It seemed as if one or two black models on the roster are enough to represent us all. When you are told that, trust me, it feels bizarre.

For this project I decided to re-shoot several of the inspiring and famous campaigns out there and try to show what they could look like with a black model. Teaming up with Photographer Raffael Dickreuter it was a big challenge to reverse engineer and re-shoot these images and get as close as possible to the original. Even though it was a big challenge it was important and necessary to do it.

Yesterday at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show you could see the same pattern you can see at New York fashion week or any other famous fashion events: black girls are almost invisible. There is the odd one here and there, but it always feels like an afterthought. We live in a globalized world with nowadays many interracial couples producing mixed babies. Why can’t the big brands not embrace our diversity more and give all of us visibility?






The visibility on these commercials and billboards matter as much as having elected a first black President. The next generation can only get inspired and reach for the stars themselves if they believe they can do it too. For that reason diversity in ad campaigns is in my opinion much more important than you might think. The same goes for representation in movies and politics as well, but that’s a different discussion.

There are Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and maybe Iman, but they are the exception to the rule.

With this Black Mirror project I hope to show the world that it is time for all of us being seen. Just like a Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss or Candice Swanepoel gets to travel the world, shoot the most amazing campaigns and live an exciting life to inspire young girls, let’s give the next generation something to believe in.





In conclusion I’m personally fighting for more diversity especially more black race to be seen on billboards, movies, TV commercials, advertisements etc as much as the white race. We need a diverse amount of inspirations for all of us.

Thanks for reading.

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Photographer: Raffael Dickreuter

Makeup: Jessica Davis

Retoucher: Konstantin Kryukovskiy

Special Thanks to Kiwi Indian Motorcycles

Thanks to Don L, Tanc Sade, Melissa Hoyle

Press Coverage around the World





  1. by Lady Elixir on December 6, 2016  3:35 pm Reply

    I totally agree with you. Blacks are totally under-represented in the fashion world. And just like everything that we are currently fighting for, i think its high time we start fighting for our right to be truly recognized. This also go for other race types. By the way, the pictures. I only wish to make a suggestion, i feel you could add a statement to the images, like a small snippet of texts stating what you are fighting for or trying to portray.

    • by deddehhoward on December 6, 2016  6:05 pm Reply

      Hello Elixir, thank you so much for the kind words and suggestion. The statement is at the top and bottom of the post.

      • by Sal on December 11, 2016  8:45 pm Reply

        Valid points! I think your argument would be much better served by including models whose features & body types reflect their ethnic diversity, rather than just skin tone. We need to reframe our concept of beauty, not just look for the same tired definition in another color.

        • by Lynda Lee on December 13, 2016  1:27 pm Reply

          I see your point, but it is based on the false assumption that there is a limitation to the breadth of facial features and body types found within a race, in this case the Black race. That is simply not true. DD's features and body type represent Blackness as much as any other assumed set of features or body type that you would consider to be a "racial norm". That's another aspect of the issue of lack diversity that this campaign reveals.

      • by Dr Mae on December 17, 2016  9:34 pm Reply

        Thank you. I say that adding diversity sends the message that beauty does comes in all shades.... and Black is beautiful

        Dr. MAE

    • by Jemahl on December 8, 2016  3:24 pm Reply

      Maybe non-whites don't wish to model. Why is it that we need to push the white vs non whites all the time....getting tired of this. Seems to me non-whites have such a need to speak out against whites for doing what ever they do. People are all beautiful in their own special way. Why is the NBA 75% black. I don't hear about maybe we need to get more non blacks in the sport. 70% of the NFL are black players, Again can we just stop comparing. If we want something bad enough, just go and do it. By the way you rock in those pics.

      • by MiMi on December 8, 2016  8:32 pm Reply

        She did not speak negatively against white people. That's just what you heard. She spoke in favor of inclusion, so models of all races/ethnicities can partipate. If it were as simple of "just go and do it" I have no doubt people of all racial backgrounds would be represented. The problem is and continues to be that those who have the authority to choose are only choosing white models, with a very few exceptions. That is what I heard her to say.

        • by Janette Braverman on December 9, 2016  6:15 pm Reply

          Thanks for your reply Mimi!! You are right on point! DD rocked every photo!! I pray opportunities open for you and all others models of color♥️.

        • by Rodney on December 12, 2016  3:28 pm Reply

          MIMI -- I too wish wish we lived in a colorblind world. But the point in this article which I believe you may have missed is this model is saying she can't "just go and do it" like many white models because she IS black and agencies are telling her they "already have a black model", unlike the experiences of white models. This is not a judgement against whites as much as it is the reality of an industry and the hardships models of color endure that prevent them from being able to "just go and do it."

        • by KStylezzz on January 5, 2017  4:28 pm Reply

          Oh i see you think that being a super model for women just happens huh.... oh just go do it huh? Riiiiight.... btw remember that's once upon a very short time ago white ppl didn't even allow black men to play those same sports with them! But now they know they can make money off their AMAZING skills and black men forced themselves in to be excepted... JUST LIKE more black women are about to force themselves in the fashion industry to be excepted just as we are! Hence the topic.

      • by James on December 8, 2016  9:42 pm Reply

        I think you missed the point my friend.

        • by Louisa on December 9, 2016  9:30 am Reply


        • by Pam on December 10, 2016  8:03 pm Reply

          I agree with you 100%. Tired of all the racial entities. It's too much, we are all our own beautiful in some way, this beauty is making noise by just recreating such powerful remakes of iconic photos. That's what I see here, not black vs. non black.

      • by Sowhat on December 9, 2016  3:24 am Reply

        Why did you read the srticle, then. Who cares what you think?????

      • by Freyja on December 9, 2016  3:59 am Reply

        Now that is just plain childish, of course girls of all ethnicities want to model. It's the clients that are conservative and don't want or dare trying something different. If you're white yourself talking about race may seem tiresome, but for people of color this is literally vital, alas we can't stop until the world wakes up. While the U.S. is a dangerous place to be for people of color we can not and should not stop talking about race.

        • by Susie Dean on March 15, 2017  8:28 am Reply

          Race is vital to the growth of people of color. We cannot assume because it's 2017 eventually things will line up as they should. No we must continually voice diversity. We have to keep moving forward. Until blind are opened.

      • by Victoria on December 9, 2016  5:04 am Reply

        "Jehmal" - The fact that you perceive speaking up as "speaking out against," says a lot. In fact, it "speaks" volumes to your obtusity regarding white supremacy and all that it encompasses. Rather than fix your fingers to criticize "non-whites", why don't you educate yourself on why "non-whites" feel it is necessary to speak up in the first place (hint: the the goal is equality and dismantling a legacy built on white supremacy). If you are not willing to do that, any thinking along the lines of "non-whites" speaking up for the hell of it is willful ignorance or just troll logic. Note: A "non-white" can speak up AND "just go and do it" as evidenced by the photos/article. They are NOT mutually exclusive.

      • by Pleasewatchthevideo on December 9, 2016  2:18 pm Reply

        A source for you: very interesting talk by James Scully, an industry insider and veteran casting director, about discrimination of models. The overall thread of the talk is about the mistreatment of models in general, but he gives several instances where he personally has run up against blatant racism in the course of his work, and gives a detailed breakdown of how the past couple of decades have got the fashion industry to the whitewashed point it's currently in.

      • by Chris Davis on December 10, 2016  4:46 am Reply

        Soooo.. Sports are about the individual athletic ability of a person. History shows that in both of your examples black men were excluded due to their perceived intellectual and physical inferiority. We know how that has turned out. We can not pretend that their is not an overrepresentation of white women in the fashion and beauty industry. All women are consumers, all women are beautiful, all women should be represented.. As for football and basketball... Lol

      • by Andy White on December 10, 2016  11:20 pm Reply


      • by no on December 11, 2016  4:41 am Reply

        But you're comparing the NBA and the NFL to the fashion industry. Stop comparing.

      • by Pansy on December 11, 2016  11:22 am Reply

        False equivalence, beloved. Sports is based on performance though you wouldn't think so given sports history in America. Blacks were not allowed to compete in major sports at one time and not so recent.

        High fashion is based on looks coupled with the it-factor. Though I might add based on resent data, the present fashion industry is still married to old ideas that only nonBlack individuals can sell products. This world is majority nonBlack, incidentally.

        This model has what it takes- beauty, it-factor, brain-brawn. Support her efforts. Lay off the go-to "whitesplaining."

        I'm sure your intelligence range can acquiesce to this argument.


        • by Oz on December 14, 2016  8:01 am Reply

          The entire point of the beauty and sports industries regardless of genre is set to what is physical. As many intellectual athletes and models there are out there, they are not paid for that.

          And to the point of non inclusion in sports Pansy, the same is in the case of fashion with both only being opened or being more acceptful as of "not so recent".

          This is me speaking from a generation where white children are starting to become a minority in the states and who got sent away when trying to play with other kids in elementary school (who apparently werent the same race whoop dee do)...the world needs to grow up.

          And that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and society is still blind.

          But all this time the world is spending not growing past issues of color, borders, and status, it could be spent on making a future and raising a better tomorrow. People are already doing that and moving past others and boundaries. And deddeh is paving a path.

      • by Pansy on December 11, 2016  11:25 am Reply

        Correction- should read: "The majority of this world is "nonWhite."

      • by Candace on December 11, 2016  3:01 pm Reply

        Your ignorance and lack of being able to see how non-whites have to fight for a place in every aspect of this world is the PROBLEM. Open your eyes however, since it doesn't affect your tiny bubble you are the ISSUE. SMH. IGNORANCE AT ITS FINEST. #oblivioustofacts #stopwhining

      • by TDH on December 11, 2016  5:06 pm Reply

        Untilyou have been in our shoes you will not understand why we push. White privilege is usually not apparent to those who have it, yet it goes a very long way. Not saying you are white, I don't know. The view of our people has been in the control of others for to long. We represent the majority of the world. One of many people of color. The majority of the world are a hue of brown, it's time to represent reality.

      • by jehriko on December 13, 2016  5:55 am Reply

        Sport is about athletic achievement. Diversity issues have been raised in sports, and those barriers had to be broken. Then, front office and coaching jobs were also once dominated by white men until the diversity issue was raised. I think the most qualified person should get the job, regardless of the job. But some workplaces are about more than x's and o's; most work culture environments can always benefit from different ideological and ethnic perspectives. Sometimes being non-white is a part of your qualifications--just a part. The difference here is that we are talking about standards of beauty and how most of the world pretends as those black women are not beautiful in public, while praising them in private. I know plenty of independent models of color who work very hard, constantly competing for the 1 or 2 diversity spots on a model roster for a project. If you don't understand, maybe it's because you haven't tried to. Things don't change until they are discussed. So, I'm sorry that you are "getting tired of this" but some of us are, for the first time, hearing the conversations we have been having in private finally making their way to light.

      • by Lynda Lee on December 13, 2016  1:18 pm Reply

        The whole point of the campaign is that models of color DO want to work and be represented. The comparison stems from that fact AND the fact that there's an entire market of consumers that want to see models of color reflected in the marketing images of the brands they support. It's a brilliant campaign.

      • by corrine on December 15, 2016  1:42 pm Reply

        It is interesting that you use the NBA which requires you to be MEASURABLY good at what you do i.e merit. If they could hire more white jumpers as good as the black ones I'm going to hazard a guess that they would. Ever heard of 'White men can't jump?' Whilst it doesn't suggest that all white men can't jump that film title didn't come from nowhere.
        Modeling however is in the eye and judgement of the beholder. And if that beholder isn't feeling the colour of your skin you are not proceeding.

      • by CANDY on December 27, 2016  3:14 am Reply

        The very fact that you made this comment tells me everything I need to know. If this world wasn't so skewed in whites favor, there wouldn't be a need to learn how to dribble a ball, rap, or make a TD to make it; not to mention that Blacks have been attributed with physical traits naturally to make them a shoe-in. But then again in your small fish bowl world everything is alright in your eyes so you can't see the challenges Blacks face. But then if the three things- THREE THINGS you see alot of Blacks in is a problem for you, you need to rethink HOW you think. PERIOD.

    • by nanakauffman on December 9, 2016  3:54 pm Reply

      I am a 62 year black women who ex-husband was white. We has four beautiful children. One girl and three boys. I am so glad that you have did this comparison. There is not enough representation in the fashion industry. As I was growing up during the 50's -70's there wasn't any black models. If you saw a black person just on television that was a big deal. Once, I went to a call for modeling and was told that they weren't hiring anyone of color. That was the last time I went to a call. Women of color aren't represent even when you get older. You don't see older models or magazines that targets women of all colors and ages or even fashion for women at different ages in their lives. All the magazine are targeted to teens through thirties. And you know that most of these fashions, the majority of women can't wear or afford. And we are certainly not a size 0-5. We have hips and breast. I just want to say "Thank You" and "God Bless You"!.

    • by Calvin on December 11, 2016  12:17 pm Reply

      This is such a brave statement. Well done. I think the only way that things will change is when consumers start boycotting certain brands that fail to represent them. The Chinese are one of the largest consumers of luxury brands but I can't recall the name of one Chinese supermodel. As black consumers we need to think about how spend our dollars, euros and pounds. Hit these guys where it hurts.

    • by Mia on December 11, 2016  8:29 pm Reply

      An Incredibly beautiful, insightful and intelligent way of stating the obvious, about an industry that doesn't seem to be as equally intelligent. whatever your race this is a very powerful way of showing there is no justification for the bias in the industry!

  2. by Veronica on December 6, 2016  4:22 pm Reply

    You killed the looks!

    • by deddehhoward on December 6, 2016  6:03 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Veronica, You're so kind.

  3. by Dlang Ferguson on December 6, 2016  4:34 pm Reply

    Great Visuals to show how impactful and important it is to show diversity in the fashion industry. Both images ate beautiful and can convey to similar and different markets. Thank you for also posting the links for more awareness. The link with Zach Posen's collection was Inspired by a bag with "Black Models Matter", designed by Model and Artist Ashley B. Chew. It would be great to see a collaboration with you too. This post is another great reminder that we can do our part to bring change and to create opportunities. Thank you for this great post!

    • by deddehhoward on December 6, 2016  6:03 pm Reply

      Ashely is such an inspiration, she's one of those whom inspire me to do this project and hope to meet her some day.
      Thank you so much for all the kind words. Black Models Do Matter!

  4. by lanatria ellis on December 6, 2016  5:38 pm Reply

    This!! This!!! This is amazing! I love this so much and I am so excited about this yet also enraged at the lack of diversity in the industry. I pray this post gets the exposure it needs as you are bring awareness to a topic that needs to be addressed and fixed. Your pictures were better than the actual ads. Keep on breaking down these barriers! I am so proud of you for this!

    • by deddehhoward on December 6, 2016  6:01 pm Reply

      I got so emotion reading you comment. Someone that get it and understand! Thank you so much and hope someday we all get the same love and respect we deserve.

  5. by Meejakes on December 6, 2016  5:42 pm Reply

    This is amazing, black women would have totally looked great in these campaigns.

    • by deddehhoward on December 6, 2016  5:58 pm Reply

      I totally agree with you. Thank you so much Meejakes.

  6. by Jo on December 6, 2016  6:34 pm Reply

    This is an amazing post - all the images are stunning. American is so strong simply because of diversity so why we couldn't allow diversity in fashion world or any other industries. Thank you so much for this wonderful post which brings the awareness to the world!


  7. by Kusum on December 6, 2016  6:35 pm Reply

    Deddeh, can I just start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE this post, I love the topic and the message you are trying to send!!! And let me tell you, in many cases your pictures are way more stunning than the originals. Its just too sad that the society is not more accepting of women of all colors and races, why must there be a number against how many 'black women' an agency can represent, its just ridiculous. Anyhow, you totally ROCK GIRL!!!
    xx, Kusum |

  8. by Nina on December 6, 2016  6:54 pm Reply

    Amazing! Amazing! You've killed it. Glad to see you make such a major step for creating such a beautiful Awareness.

  9. by Mariann Yip on December 6, 2016  7:18 pm Reply

    I think what you're doing is absolutely amazing! I can tell that you put a lot of thought, effort and preparation for this post. It's so great to see you starting a conversation about race. You are honestly amazing love!


  10. by Helen Chik on December 6, 2016  10:02 pm Reply

    Oh wow girl I swear you're rocking it more than the actual campaign models in most of these!!! I am so inspired by this post of yours and totally agree there needs to be more diversity - even with Asian models!!

    Helen xx

  11. by Stephanie on December 7, 2016  12:14 am Reply

    I am absolutely awestruck at how beautiful all these images are. Not only is this issue something in the modeling world, but I see it so often in blogging as well. I find that there are so often white girls represented in different blogging campaigns, but where are all the other races? It's something that absolutely needs to change, and I hope that more brands and bloggers and everyone else takes a cue from you to be that change. You are an inspiration ❤️

    Stephanie //

  12. by Sharon Wu on December 7, 2016  12:55 am Reply

    Oh my gosh Deddeh!!! You are beautiful!!! These photos are amazing and I couldn't agree more with you. Before blogging I actually did modeling for two years. I did get signed with an agency but the agency told me that I would most likely not book as much as other models because I'm Asian (and not the typical type of Asian "clients" usually look for). It does really suck and eventually I transitioned into blogging & content creating which allows me to still do modeling but in a different way so I guess it worked out... but the lack of diversity is not okay and I hope that it will change over the years! I feel that now a lot of bloggers are models too now so we're starting to see a bit more diversity even though it may not be the typical agency model route. Keep being you and being awesome babe! xoxo, sharon

  13. by Bukky Dare on December 7, 2016  1:59 am Reply

    I got emotional reading your article. What a great project, you are such an inspiration, beautiful model, and an awesome role model. I got emotional reading your article.I hope my children will not experience discrimination. I grew up in Nigeria where there is no white and black. My doctors, were blacks, my teachers- blacks, pilots- blacks and so on. So, that gave me so much inspiration while growing up that I could be anything. I came to US and opposite is the case. I love love all your pictures and I pray this gets more exposure. Great job. Bravo

  14. by Bukky Dare on December 7, 2016  2:08 am Reply

    I got emotional reading this article. What a great job. What a great way to make a statement- you look better than most of the models they used. I cannot imagine what it feels like to hear those disgusting words of we have 1 black model already. Do you 1 white model? Shame on them. Such an incredible lady you're. I grew up in Nigeria where there is no black and white. I got to US and reverse is the case. I hope this article get more exposure

  15. by Christine Kong on December 7, 2016  2:46 am Reply

    WOW. Jaw drops to the floor. These photos are incredible! Seriously, I am blown away at how gorgeous you are in all of these shots. You definitely define power, success, beauty, and inspiration and this article should be published everywhere! As minorities we need to raise awareness and our voice and these photos are post do just that. Thank you for sharing these stunning images and keep up the fantastic work! xoxo, Christine

  16. by Samantha Mariko on December 7, 2016  3:53 am Reply

    it's the same in the Japanese fashion industry... so few black girls being represented which is sad :( it should be much more diverse by now! I absoteuly love how you recreated these photos!!!!

  17. by Josie on December 7, 2016  4:44 am Reply

    First of all you look stunning in every single "mirror" photo! I can't imagine how you felt when they told you they have reached their "black girls" quota! This is so upsetting!
    It's really sad to see how under represented black models are! I hope the change is near with the help of people raising awareness like you

    • by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:19 pm Reply

      There are plenty of Japanese models, wtf are u talking about?

  18. by Cheryl on December 7, 2016  5:06 am Reply

    Amen! And, you are absolutely gorgeous!

  19. by Jessica on December 7, 2016  5:49 am Reply

    Absolutely stunning! You're beautiful! Each campaign is so different, yet you and your team were able to capture it perfectly. There's an underepresentation of people of color in the media across the board. We need to continue taking matters into our own hands and creating the content to show that we matter. Again, bravo!

  20. by D.L. on December 7, 2016  6:57 am Reply

    This woman is unbelievably GORGEOUS and this post is fantastic. Racism in the modeling industry doesn't surprise me at all. Those agencies that told her that BS "we have a black model" missed out. She's STUNNING!

  21. by jean on December 7, 2016  7:09 am Reply

    Absolutely love it! Thank you! When I first tried to get into the modeling field over twenty years ago, I was told there wasn't a market for black models. At one point I was then told that I would probably make no more than $20,000 a year. And then I was told that I was too hippy, even though I was 6 feet and weighed around 120lbs more or less! The rejection was so hurtful, and I ended up listening to the agents and not going after what I really wanted to do at that time!

    The photos are amazing! I hope this idea catches on! I also hope that this discrimination is exposed and that changes will be made!

  22. by uptownwithmiclkaa on December 7, 2016  11:29 am Reply

    Reading your story inspires me, you are truly amazing and you did amazing job reshoot these looks and you nailed them all. Wish you many success and prosperity.

  23. by George on December 7, 2016  4:03 pm Reply

    Your talent to portray those images are so amazing DD... wishing you all the best

  24. by Vanessa on December 7, 2016  4:38 pm Reply

    Yasssss girl! I'm so proud of you for this project. I'm an aspiring African model and I've been having doubts about venturing into the fashion industry because I see how our girls get turned down a lot. I pray this shakes the world and the right change is made. Side bar, you're such an inspiration xx

  25. by Jael on December 7, 2016  6:30 pm Reply

    Love this post. You are so inspiring. I tried my hand in modeling a year ago and noticed the same thing. I went for an audition and the girl that auctioned before me was a white skinny girl they told her on the spot that they will call her back. When I auctioned the casting director told me they don't need someone of my "type". I was so humiliated that I never went to any audition since then. I think there needs to be diversity in the modeling industry. Most of what I see on tv and billboard ads are white girls. Like you I'm African as well and I grew up not knowing what color was until I moved to America. Something needs to change and I love how you're using your voice to bring change.

  26. by Jo on December 7, 2016  7:27 pm Reply

    Hear, hear! Diversity in the media and advertisements is definitely something we need to have more of in this day and age. I love your well written words about this topic and how you've demonstrated just how beautiful it is to have diversity in the fashion industry.

    xo, Jo

  27. by CJ Reid on December 7, 2016  7:31 pm Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  28. by Camille on December 7, 2016  8:42 pm Reply

    Your recreations are absolutely amazing! This post definitely needs to be seen by more eyes, fantastic job DD!

  29. by Linda - California on December 7, 2016  9:20 pm Reply

    Awesome and I hope this opens the eyes of advertisers that the world's beauty is comprised of so much more than just white women and men; use us all to represent the world in which we live. Advertisers and the businesses they represent will take everyone's money but not represent everyone in their advertising campaigns. Great Job Deddeh!!!

  30. by gracie on December 7, 2016  9:56 pm Reply

    Such a beautiful post and a great way to convey your message !!! You are so right, diversity in the media is very important. You put a lot of work into this post and it should be very thought provoking to many people. Well done.
    xx, gracie

  31. by rachel on December 7, 2016  9:59 pm Reply

    Yes, indeed i'm all about more diversity in the media and advertisement industry. Great post.
    xoxo, Rachel

  32. by Yasmin on December 7, 2016  10:47 pm Reply

    This is my favorite post you've done so far. So many amazing campaigns and you totally nailed it, proving that models of all colors can represent just as well. I see progress being made at a snail speed in fashion and entertainment. People of color are starting to get lead roles or roles that aren't normally written for them, but it's not the norm. It's the exception. I can't wait until we're a fully blended society and can see each other more as human beings with gorgeous traits to celebrate, rather than divide us.

    Also I have no idea how you balance school, modeling, blogging and Instagram. Oh and yoga too haha. You must be a ball of energy!

    xx Yasmin

  33. by Miki on December 8, 2016  1:02 am Reply

    You are so gorgeous. You can seriously do every campaign and rock them. Omg, Iman is one of my favourites. I was so excited when she was the host for Project runway Canada back when I lived there. Talk about talent and beauty! I often feel share the same sentiments abouy Chinese people in ads, but hopefully with more people speaking up as you are here, there will be even more multiculturalism on the runway down the road.


  34. by Jimmy Ray on December 8, 2016  1:38 am Reply

    Oh my god this project is so important. Stunning on all levels!! More melanin in fashion please!

  35. by Reina on December 8, 2016  3:49 am Reply

    Same in Japan :'(
    I'm a bilingual actress & voice actress in Tokyo,
    (Japan Times story here:
    but being Black British presents challenges on my voice (not white, truly "authentic queen's English"?), let alone creating acting roles or opportunities for black women physically.

    English teaching, wedding gowns & general fashion all go to white women, preferably blonde hair, blue eyes. If there's a modeling job for all foreign races, non-whites are paid less and is openly written as so.

    In Japan's case, one would have to get famous enough and post/get a huge following online as a model to then try to take on the industry and raise awareness, change hearts, like you :)

    Not impossible but really, really tough in Asia. 2017 is a weight loss focus year for me, but I also want to challenge the typical white-worship limited mindsets in Tokyo too just being me.
    Thanks for the inspiration, all the best! ^^

  36. by Linh Dao on December 8, 2016  5:11 am Reply

    Omg. I died looking at these photos because they Are amazing! I would never be able to pull this off! I so agree with your post and being Asian, it isn't easy in the modeling world and I am not he typical model type they are looking for so blogging allows me to do that in my own way!


  37. by Elaine Clayton on December 8, 2016  8:06 am Reply

    OMG I walked into an agency in Toronto (yes Toronto) 20 years ago only to be told by the booker that they already had a black model and she "looked like me" so she would have to ask the agency owner if they could represent me. There were easily 200 white models on the headsheet at the time. 20 years prior to that ( the early 80's) I was told I could not model at all. I am a lawyer now and still act and model here and there but I can't believe what happened to me in this business is still happening. You are doing a great thing and you totally nailed the looks. I have been where you are now and I will support you 100% any way I can. Keep in touch and way to go!!

  38. by Wanjiku on December 8, 2016  8:08 am Reply

    Wow! You did a perfect job at recreating every single look. I'm so inspired. I hope this gets the attention it deserves. Great job!

  39. by Her on December 8, 2016  9:43 am Reply

    I really love your campaign, I love the fact that we can't spot a difference except if we are too much focused on the skin color.
    Let's hope there will be more diversity in the model industry !

  40. by Ginger Emma on December 8, 2016  12:05 pm Reply

    I don't know if this was the intention, but I teared up a bit thinking of the power of your photographs. Somewhere out there, there is a young girl who craves representation or feels unappreciated because of her race, who will come to feel wanted and beautiful due to you.

    Thank you for spending time on what you've done. I can only hope that you've made someone open their eyes to the deficiency in diversity within the modeling industry.

  41. by Alice on December 8, 2016  3:24 pm Reply

    You are so beautiful! I prefer your photos than original. Thanks for what you do for the cause :)

  42. by Jenn on December 8, 2016  3:33 pm Reply

    I found this gallery of photos while on buzzfeed. I very rarely follow links from them, and I never leave comments, but I just had to tell you that you are absolutely beautiful in these pictures. I hope we see more of you in the future.

  43. by Jeff on December 8, 2016  4:21 pm Reply

    Every one of your versions is better than the original. There is no excuse for anyone not understanding the point you're making so clearly. Brilliant idea and execution of it.

  44. by Steve on December 8, 2016  5:20 pm Reply

    As a SWM, I am in awe of the beauty of this campaign and wish we saw more diversity in fashion. Amazing photos, great modeling (really seem happy compared to a lot of the models you were mirroring) and a great campaign from thought to execution.

  45. by WishingWell on December 8, 2016  5:30 pm Reply

    This is a brilliant idea, I love it and it's exactly what the world needs right now. The modelling industry is backward in so many ways and this aspect is too often ignored in the hubbub around the business. Keep going, you're the definition of star xxx

  46. by Raquel Riley Thomas on December 8, 2016  5:34 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for bringing to light to a matter that has been a constant for years.

  47. by Donna Roton on December 8, 2016  5:34 pm Reply

    A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Beautifully done.

  48. by Margaret on December 8, 2016  5:50 pm Reply

    Wow, great work.

  49. by TolumiDE on December 8, 2016  5:52 pm Reply

    Love Love LOVEE!!! This campaign - Much luv to ya Africa SistA!

  50. by Alyse on December 8, 2016  5:58 pm Reply

    I think you look far more beautiful than the Caucasian models (I'm white) purely because people of colour are so rarely chosen for campaigns; You stand out! You are a brightest star of all the stars in the sky. I hope nothing i said was insensitive

  51. by Laurie-Jean on December 8, 2016  6:09 pm Reply

    An absolute stellar project you have created to get across a message, that much to my chagrin, still exists! Bravo!!

    • by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:18 pm Reply

      No, nothing insensitive, but u need glasses.

  52. by Bonnie on December 8, 2016  6:18 pm Reply

    Your photographs are stunning. You are a beautiful girl and your skin color adds drama to each picture. I hope to see a lot more of you and other models of color. How beautiful it would be, to see the same diversity in all ads that we see in life. You go girl!

  53. by Jo on December 8, 2016  6:43 pm Reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  54. by Cassandra on December 8, 2016  7:19 pm Reply

    The thoughtfulness poured into this post is inspiring and absolutely necessary. I appreciate your voice and the work you put into this post. Fashion isn't ever on my radar, but the opportunity for all girls of all shapes and colors to participate where they choose is. Even though the photos are a comparison of the art, it's clear from your words that your intent is to show that beauty isn't compartmentalized by color. Well, done. Keep at it!

  55. by Gene on December 8, 2016  7:22 pm Reply

    Beautiful project but just shows the sad situation of our nation. How someone so classy, eloquent and professional can be overlooked and disregarded in any industry is dishearetning and soul crushing but just an obvious example of the dilemma of the 21st century person. The issue of racial discrimination is simple - it's all about the money. America, mainly the high end advertisement industry is only interested in the color Green! They don't need a large groups of African American models because the majority of the clientele is White. White people buy the expensive magazines, go to the expensive fashion shows, and most importantly buy the expensive merchandise. These "White" people can relate better when they see said merchandise on someone that looks "Like Them" rather someone else, furthermore there is a large population of people upon whom having a person of your skin color modeling products will have a directly negative impact on whether or not they purchase it. So don't be upset at the advertisement agency, fashion industry or the merchandise industry- be upset at the Consumers who set the tone for the country.
    The bottom line is that the country needs minorities to develop a higher level of class (like you) which will elevate the level of treatment of said minorities by all involved industries. It takes time, effort and more importantly it requires patience to do what's right even if it isn't accepted or supported by society - lead by example and call on all minorities to do the same! Don't give up and don't despair.

    Thank you for trying.

  56. by João Victor Guirado on December 8, 2016  8:08 pm Reply

    Congratulations for your job!! This can inspire the entire world. Media needs to give visibility to every race and humans forms. Now is time to change stereotypes and concepts. I loved your photos. And again, congrats for your job, and principily, for your courage!

  57. by Marta on December 8, 2016  8:22 pm Reply

    Maravilhosa!! Quem contrata-la, será um sucesso!!!

  58. by Yeswecan on December 8, 2016  8:58 pm Reply

    Hi Deddeh,

    What a firecracker of an idea you've had Deddeh.
    In one single statement you managed to address the HUGE elephant in the room, and shame the fashion world by showing YES WE CAN!!
    The world does not change over night but it's what we do daily to impact that change. I truly believe this is one of the strongest stance 'we' have taken to highlight the nasty BS that's feed to us as if it's normal. I am a Liberian born british and you truly are an inspiration and my new role model! ♥️

  59. by Mike on December 8, 2016  9:28 pm Reply

    Very cool project, beautiful women that unlike the other models has a slight smile that makes the audience feel she's a happy lady and enjoying the moment.

  60. by Ashley on December 8, 2016  10:19 pm Reply

    Deddeh looks better than most of those models!! The other models look photoshopped! But DD looks natural and stunning! She's a beautiful model!

  61. by Jenine on December 8, 2016  10:20 pm Reply

    This is awesome! You totally rock. I am so glad to see these beautiful pictures. Great work. I hope to see your work again. Create your own magazine because I would buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. by Darran Skinner on December 8, 2016  10:34 pm Reply

    Absolutely stunning....your point was very, very well made. This makes me so proud...How absolutely beautiful.

  63. by Marieme on December 8, 2016  10:38 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Dede for doing this!!! I was a successful for over 10 years and I cannot tell you how many times this happened to me. I worked full time, with all the top photographers and was represented by huge agencies such as IMG, Ford and Wilhelmina but when it came to switching it was always a problem. And the bookers simply did not work as hard for me as they did my white counterparts. And when it came to the runways, forget it. I did some great shows but was often the only black one or got told that blacks weren't being used that season. I was even on the cover of daily news when MIUMIU only used me as their diversity quota. That still did nothing. I also got paid less than my colleagues a lot of the time for the big catalogues which was so upsetting. Eventually I was so tired of hitting this glass ceiling that I quit and went to college instead, despite years of hard work that if was white would have 100% translated into my being a supermodel.
    You are absolutely stunning and I wish you all the success in the world. I hope what you did gets you a lot of work! xo

  64. by Daise Neves on December 8, 2016  10:40 pm Reply

    Você é tão linda quanto elas.
    Maravilhosaaaaaa! ❤

  65. by Secunda Wood on December 8, 2016  10:44 pm Reply

    Love! You look amazing! Thank you so much for doing those campaigns so much justice. You proved that there is no reason why a wider variety of models can't be part of these iconic campaigns.
    And as a dark skinned women it just warms my heart and gives me hope for the future. My 10 year old self is just giddy.

  66. by Kelly on December 8, 2016  11:13 pm Reply

    You are incredibly beautiful, strong and filled with grace. Not to forget intelligent!! What an amazing human :) Keep up your stellar work, I hope to see you more on a global stage.

  67. by Sammy on December 8, 2016  11:13 pm Reply

    Please do PATEK PHILIPPE - they literally have never had someone of any color or minority race in any of their ads around the world! One of the most powerful brands, and yet....

  68. by gillian on December 8, 2016  11:41 pm Reply


  69. by Bonnie on December 8, 2016  11:42 pm Reply

    Hey, here's an idea! Stop shopping and buying goods from those corporations that only use white models. Consumers rule. Corporations don't care what upsets people but they do care what people spend. Pretty simple.

  70. by Dionna on December 9, 2016  1:06 am Reply

    I mean, I'm not being biased but you were more beautiful than ALL the other models..... How is that? You command attention!!!

  71. by Nathaniel Scott on December 9, 2016  1:24 am Reply

    So proud the work being done here. DD, this is pure brilliance! I'd like to see more of this and, even, expansion of the project. Make them take note, keep up the good work. Shout to the artisans behind cameras who aide in completing the looks. Your team nailed it!

  72. by Shermorter on December 9, 2016  2:09 am Reply

    You are absolutely beautiful!! I hope you are getting a butt load of work after this because I want to see more of models like you. You are absolutely right and there needs to be more adversity represented everywhere! Especially in the ads that bombard our daily lives.

  73. by Morgan on December 9, 2016  2:12 am Reply

    I think you're gorgeous and I hope the industry diversifies more. You did a brilliant job on this project of yours and I hope it helps wake up the industry.

  74. by Heather on December 9, 2016  2:18 am Reply

    Beautiful project. I love your images and I love the more inclusive standard of beauty they portray. Black is beautiful and valid and important. Thank you.

  75. by A man on December 9, 2016  3:29 am Reply

    If I say I just want to bone all of you am I being post-racial or being sexist?

  76. by Angella on December 9, 2016  4:21 am Reply

    Your photographs are so much more stunning than the originals. Thank you for highlighting a continuing problem in the fashion world (and beyond), and taking the steps to break that ceiling.

  77. by max mills on December 9, 2016  5:27 am Reply

    These pictures are stunning and give great hope to models of all colors that the platform you are lifting will finally be acted on. However, it may be time to stop looking to major European brands for inclusion or acceptance and time to propel focus on African brands. In a way, I think its time to realize that you can´t force people to drop their old ways, ways that they feel have brought them success. There are huge African brands out there and there are Global African media networks. Additionally, there are huge African-American brands and media networks out there. They are only secondary to other brands in mental conditioning, not in reality. So, it may be time to push that agenda. I think its just time that the quest to get inclusion and acceptance where one does not need it come to an end. In some instances, it is necessary. If you are in your country you have a right to always feel safe. So demanding equal protection there makes sense. I understand that major European brands appear to control the fashion industry but, in reality its because we allow them to control it. People of color must realize that in reality, the major European brands owe nothing. Consequently, they will continue to cater to their own. If one chooses to give away one´s power to them, then its the giver who is to blame. It is time to place more focus on Essence Magazine and decrease focus on Vogue.

  78. by Ebony on December 9, 2016  5:30 am Reply

    I don't even know where to start because this makes me so happy!
    You doing this has inspired me and made me feel like I could do what you do. I may not be able to model, but I can create photos like these or create movie shorts that feature a dark skin woman like me as the lead love interest or lead character period!
    There are opportunities that arent given to us because we are "too dark" or they have met their black woman or man quota. So, we need to make opportunities for ourselves to inspire those who are and who are not like ourselves.

  79. by Julia on December 9, 2016  5:51 am Reply

    Baby you rock!! U're the most beautiful woman in the world, I just love your photos!!!! U the best ❤️

  80. by Francesca on December 9, 2016  5:51 am Reply

    As a photographer, I'd LOVE to work with you, your absolutely stunning. I love this series and your message. If you're ever in northern California I'd love to shoot with you!

  81. by Robert T Mruczek on December 9, 2016  6:01 am Reply

    WOW !! Not only are these pics clearly indicative that the fashion industry has historically lost out on these diversity opportunities, but these recreations are just plain awesome. A stunningly beautiful woman, and a beautiful person as well. Best wishes in what I am sure will be an increasing array of opportunities ahead :)

  82. by Jenn Hanft on December 9, 2016  6:15 am Reply

    Omg this was the perfect post and I'm so glad that you wrote about this topic!! It's so sad that African Americans are not as visible as the dominant white image portrayed across fashion spreads, magazines, and company ads. Especially when even in a modeling agency you're being compared to the small group of girls on the roster. This post is definitely needed to open society's eyes to how BEAUTIFUL campaigns can be with some color. Honestly, half the photos you redid came out stunning and even BETTER than the girl featured. I really love this black mirror concept and all these photos are sooooo amazing. I'd love to see more!! It's so sad that the world is focused on the white image as the only image. Even asians are struggling with Hollywood white washed actors/actresses. It made me really frustrated that the live action movie for Mulan was going to cast white actors and actresses to portray and asian character based film. I really hope the world starts opening up and welcoming and encouraging minorities to step forward and be in the spotlight.

    XO Jenn

  83. by Elizabeth on December 9, 2016  6:55 am Reply

    This article is gorgeous l love the diversity it shows we should look beyond colour and l hope someday we can . Love love the article you wrote too sending lots of love and hugs

  84. by BlackGirlsEatGreen on December 9, 2016  7:11 am Reply

    You are simply stunning and you killed those looks. You truly captured the mood, energy, and story of each original photo. I wish you the best! Thanks for standing up and standing out for inclusion.

  85. by xoxo Mylene on December 9, 2016  7:38 am Reply

    Beautifully said ! So inspiring! Super proud of what you are doing with so much heart.... Keep flying girlfriend and spread your wings!

  86. by murdock on December 9, 2016  9:08 am Reply

    Concur with Gene. Consumers decide. Minorities, as consumers too, are part of the problem- causing the solution you are attempting to put forth to easily be that "we already have our black model" or "Diversity, you say? We don't have to diversify nothing. We know who really butters our bread!" Take away their bread and butter, then you got some changes coming. Grass Roots, young bloods. Grass Roots - of all minorities! Comes down to what you will do vs what you will not do.

  87. by Elizabeth Morales on December 9, 2016  11:03 am Reply

    Wow!!! you are much more beautiful than some of these tops models. Great work! I am from mexican where unfortunately we have the same problem.

  88. by Elizabeth Morales on December 9, 2016  11:05 am Reply

    from Mexico :D

  89. by Damian on December 9, 2016  12:07 pm Reply

    Sorry not much diversity. Two beautiful (to me) women. One with light skin the other with dark skin. Other than that they look very very similar. Or was that the point?

  90. by Ashley on December 9, 2016  12:45 pm Reply

    You are so beautiful! These photos are amazing and perfectly showcase your talent. I hope you get the attention and recognition you deserve. Keep on keepin on!! ✊

  91. by Eric McDonald. MD on December 9, 2016  1:42 pm Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful photo shoot! The images are spectacular and truly amazing!! I was blown away by the images

  92. by Jill on December 9, 2016  1:44 pm Reply

    It must have been easy though when you look like that. I guess that's the point!

  93. by Peter on December 9, 2016  1:54 pm Reply

    Two words for the fashion industry: their loss! Your take on those iconic shots is spot on. I find the finesse and elegance of your relaxed posing and your natural facial expression much more feminine than the seemingly forced seductive look on some of the originals. You are simply more believable, and isn't that what matters most in a campaign? Believability, not skin color. The lightning also works so much more better on you, it makes the originals look flat in comparison. Even with most of them purposefully contrasting apparel to skin tone, Mr. Dickreuter and you manage to bring about a more visually striking, sharper, and more dynamic look. The shots alone send your message across loud and clear. I hope it gets the attention it deserves not just in the industry, but equally as important in media and social networks. Good luck!

  94. by kristie collins on December 9, 2016  2:13 pm Reply

    wonderful project and beautiful photos-- i teach media & gender in japan, and this will be elicit a provocative and important discussion in my class. thank you so much!

  95. by Patrick Vyncke on December 9, 2016  2:21 pm Reply

    Finally someone who tackles this problem from a very original perspective. Great work! Thanx!

  96. by Camille on December 9, 2016  3:02 pm Reply

    You nailed it. This is FABULOUS!!

  97. by Amanda Rhodes on December 9, 2016  3:13 pm Reply

    Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho, pela atitude e coragem de enfrentar padrões de beleza racistas.Muito obrigada por empoderar a mulher negra e toda a beleza que ela tem. Você é maravilhosa!!

    Congratulations on the beautiful work, for the attitude and courage to face patterns of racist beauty. Thank you so much for empowering the black woman and all the beauty she has. You are wonderful!!

  98. by Cat on December 9, 2016  3:14 pm Reply

    I am HERE for this!

  99. by Alicia on December 9, 2016  3:23 pm Reply

    Wow, you killed it! Just beautiful.

  100. by YuanHsin on December 9, 2016  3:58 pm Reply

    the atmosphere you inspired in the pictures, is much more elegant then the whites.

  101. by Carlie T on December 9, 2016  3:59 pm Reply

    This is amazing. You are gorgeous. That is all.

  102. by Jolie on December 9, 2016  4:29 pm Reply

    This photo series means so much to me as,years ago, I was told I was a great model but there were very few positions in the industry for African-Americans. I would see the same few faces over and over. I often think of what could have been and the career opportunities I missed out on. Not to mention, these photos are absolutely stunning. Thank you for this, Dedde. May you be blessed with opportunities overflowing :-)

  103. by Carly on December 9, 2016  4:48 pm Reply

    I love this series so much. Thoughtful, powerful, gorgeous.

  104. by Raphael Bacon on December 9, 2016  5:03 pm Reply

    That moment when the non oficial pictures are way better than the oficial ones, this model should have been the on on this campaigns from the begining, i mean she looks better on the campaign than Gisele, and Gisele is the only freaking uber model in the world. Congrats on the critique, on the modeling and for the awesome photographer, the light is spot on.

  105. by CJ on December 9, 2016  5:04 pm Reply

    i really really like this! I want them all to be in magazines right now

  106. by Lydia Freeman on December 9, 2016  5:12 pm Reply

    Wow Congratulations Deddeh Howard, your vision and goals for theses shoot definitely making a difference. We at #GISELLEMAGAZINE have always been so proud of you and everything that you do. You killed it, you rock and you left your mark on us all.
    #LiberianGirlMagic #LiberianBeauty #LiberianModel #liberianfashionindustry #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee #GISELLEMAGAZINE

  107. by Stephen on December 9, 2016  5:17 pm Reply

    This is fantastic! You are brilliant to approach this in such a pointed way. The best part to me is that in most cases you are more beautiful than the model who's image you have replaced!!

    Average white guy

  108. by Bec on December 9, 2016  5:26 pm Reply

    Absolutely stunning images, and a powerful statement to the industry that only someone in the industry could make.

    What is particularly important, imo, is that you are speaking as a global citizen, because i think part of the problem is that we think of fashion as global, but we think of our own experience when casting ads or campaigns.

    What i mean is that globally, more people are non-white than white - but if you only look at the US, we're still 60-65% white (13% each Hispanic and African American, and 8% Asian American, plus those who can't be defined by a census check box).

    This will change over the next twenty years in the US, but today it's still very easy for people in the entertainment and media industries to go through their day not encountering many non-white people. So maybe part of the key to increasing diversity in our visual imagery has to be educating people on what the world looks like; what the average global consumer looks like... And it's not a blond haired white woman!

    I do also wonder if photographers have an unconscious bias, because they naturally look for contrast in photos to make them pop, and you have to think differently about your lighting and your setting for the model's skintone... Could there be a bit of laziness in choosing cookie cutter white models, in the amount of prep for a shoot? Not sure that's even an issue, but I've wondered.

  109. by Michelle on December 9, 2016  6:12 pm Reply

    I rarely comment on anything but you are stunningly beautiful. What an inspiring project and gorgeous, empowered woman. Keep up the good work.

  110. by Kylee Matthews on December 9, 2016  6:21 pm Reply

    Absolutely amazing job Deddeh!! Rooting for you, and all you gorgeous dark skinned ladies in the modeling industry, to get the representation you deserve!

  111. by Meredith on December 9, 2016  6:32 pm Reply

    Campaign Magazine covered this, which brought me to your site.
    I'll echo my comments here... You're absolutely stunning - in some cases more so than the original. Moreover, sometimes you need to take a bull by the horns just to show it can be done. You've clearly wrangled one here, and hopefully it will lead to ad execs doing a face-palm about their naïveté around diversity.

  112. by Chelsey on December 9, 2016  6:53 pm Reply

    Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. They are so gorgeous and I admire you so much! You are exactly the type of role model we need in this world.

  113. by Rachel Susanna on December 9, 2016  7:16 pm Reply

    I am of European heritage (I hate the meaningless designation of "white") and, Miss Howard, you are a GORGEOUS! The only reason I might not buy something modeled by you is that I might think, "Oh! It would never look that good on ME!" But, oops, that is an equal opportunity insecurity of MINE, that might also come up in reaction to a model of ANY ethnicity. Good work! Carry on with that brilliant battle!

    • by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:17 pm Reply

      Im sorry to say, but ure a brainwashed 'tard.

  114. by J on December 9, 2016  7:29 pm Reply

    Seeing this, makes ME feel beautiful! You keep doing what you are doing Ms. Howard!

  115. by Cece on December 9, 2016  7:36 pm Reply

    You are more beautiful than your counterpart in all of the photos.

  116. by Michelle on December 9, 2016  8:37 pm Reply

    Jaw-droppingly good. Many better than the original. Gives more dimension and depth to the images.

  117. by Maria on December 9, 2016  8:40 pm Reply

    How is this more diversity and models of All Races? All I see are white and black models. Where are the "other races"....Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc...?

    • by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:16 pm Reply

      U didnt understood the libtard mentality, Maria. Race is a social construct, but (only) Black Lives Matter.

  118. by misty on December 9, 2016  8:56 pm Reply

    I find the new photos more natural and the makeup more pleasing. The other models have a starving malnutrition look on their faces and they always look mad. I would buy more products of the models looked more like her and I am as white as you can get. She looks happy and not angry model which turns me off of brands.

  119. by Dr. Richard Siegel on December 9, 2016  9:19 pm Reply


    I like what you're doing. There is a fever that has been building in America over the past few years due to the racism and discrimination of years.

    I have created "Healing The Words That Wound" to resolve that problem.

    This process extracts the anger and hatred that develops in the psyche as a result of verbal attacks, insults and emotional abuse. While it works well in resolving most painful memories, I have seen tremendous results particularly when it comes to racial slurs.

    Please visit Listen to the recording at the bottom of the site, and gauge its effectiveness for yourself. The first two minutes are instructions.

    Please share this with anyone who might benefit from this recording, as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding your thoughts.



    Richard H. Siegel, Ph.D. LMFT

  120. by M. Köller on December 9, 2016  9:49 pm Reply

    My answer is the remind of a song I love - I dont' remember since how many years - "Black Little Angels-Angelitos Negros" -song by Eartha Kitt
    Yours faithfully,

  121. by Mathias on December 9, 2016  10:14 pm Reply

    Wow what a beautiful woman! I leave virtual kisses here for your pretty body.

    Sincerly from Germany

  122. by Emberlynn on December 10, 2016  1:00 am Reply

    You are beautiful!!! Very nice work and excellent message. <3

  123. by Cathy on December 10, 2016  1:22 am Reply

    I absolutely love this! In all honesty you match the beauty of most and out shine several.

  124. by paulbark on December 10, 2016  4:21 am Reply

    I'm a white male, not much into modeling / fashion, that sort of thing. But, I am concerned about social issues such as racial equality. Your photographs grabbed my attention and forced me to notice this issue. I just had to look at each pair, noticing the amazing similarities except for the one characteristic that matters. You're a leader in this field, and should be proud of the work you're doing.

  125. by Viri on December 10, 2016  4:24 am Reply


    I love your photos, honestly, you are gorgeous, and I can honestly say that your poses and face expression made more of an impact than the originals.

    • by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:14 pm Reply

      Ure a cuck, dear, not a white male.

  126. by Atsuna Matsui on December 10, 2016  6:17 am Reply

    I love the idea of this post! You look so stunning in all these images and the positive message is also soo beautiful. You totally nailed mimicking all these images to the T.


  127. by SG on December 10, 2016  6:30 am Reply

    Have you researched any statistics or is this just your opinion? Black women make up 12.3% of the US female population, give or take. So if we want equality, shouldn't there be 12.3 black models out of every 100 models? I haven't done the research, but I would be willing to bet that there are probably close to that many or more active models of color on the major rosters. Your photos are beautiful and impressive and I appreciate the art - but the whiny, pathetic, victim mentality has to stop in our country before it will heal. If black models sell product there will be more of them used in major campaigns. If green models sell product there will be more of them used in major campaigns. Your insinuation that there is bias against black modes is baseless and makes you a pathetic whiner. Why don't you try to get your point across by delivering a better product and get off the victim bandwagon. Those days are over.

  128. by Joe on December 10, 2016  6:45 am Reply

    I prefer to see pretty white women modeling things. I dont think I am in minority. Interesting project tho - but having more models of color will not change my preferences.

  129. by Jean Marie on December 10, 2016  7:26 am Reply

    You are so awesome. The Black Mirror photos are just as beautiful and more interesting than the originals. Here's hoping there are changes in fashion photos ASAP.

  130. by Coco on December 10, 2016  9:13 am Reply

    the target base for the ads are white women, who have money to buy that expensive shit - the percentage of black/asian/latino/etc. women who can afford these products is so low, that it's not worth the effort...sorry

  131. by IngeMcduffie on December 10, 2016  11:03 am Reply

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  132. by Cliff Rankin on December 10, 2016  12:20 pm Reply

    Your images are powerful, beautiful and real. No mannequin looks going on. You are courageous, bold and I hope you continue to push boundaries!

  133. by Sika on December 10, 2016  12:39 pm Reply

    Powerful stuff!!!

  134. by Peter on December 10, 2016  12:54 pm Reply

    Way to go, girl! You look 10 times better in each and one of those pictures! Seriously. And I am only a middle-aged (white, caucasian, whatever) man. But I know beauty when I see it. Nothing beats the velvety shimmer of dark skin...

  135. by marcy on December 10, 2016  1:41 pm Reply

    Wow babe this pictures are stunning you have an unique beauty and all agencies will regret nor signing with you!!!
    I advice will be to continue marketing your name in the best way possible you been doing and people will notice you and it will rain to you millions of collaborations.


  136. by Nikkels on December 10, 2016  3:15 pm Reply

    black is (more) beautifull!!

  137. by Philip Visschers on December 10, 2016  3:38 pm Reply


  138. by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:14 pm Reply

    Same black whining, over and over again. What u did can be described in 3 words: imitation and stupidity. U proved absolutely nothing.

  139. by xyz on December 10, 2016  4:21 pm Reply

    My god, how we lived in the past without DIE-versity! And world evolved, mind u....

  140. by q on December 10, 2016  4:40 pm Reply

    So much fail, on so many levels. But hey, that's what power hungry and huge ego to fulfill gets you. It shows in allmost all of the pictures.
    From the article "When growing up as a girl I always wondered, why the big brands such as ..." .... It's kind of like asking "why Lamborghini or Ferrari doesn't make SUV's cause you need to pimp a ride like that", or why most martial arts icons/legends are asian or whatever. Yea, you've demonstrated absolutely nothing in this "shows the need".

  141. by Mélanie on December 10, 2016  5:44 pm Reply

    oh, yeah, NO possible doubt: BLACK is beautiful, classy, "chic"... <3 my very best and good luck in all your endeavours! cheers, Mélanie

  142. by Sobi on December 10, 2016  6:28 pm Reply

    Deddeh- Thank you so much for doing the photo shoot and showing how dark is stunningly beautiful. Being born brown is terrible in my country. Growing I felt I was not beautiful because I was dark. But today seeing you, I want to be dark and embrace my body and my color. God! You are gorgeous, every photo my eye were just drawn to you. You are a stunner and yes every modeling agency should sign you up. Not only are you beautiful but you are brave. Thankyou!

  143. by N on December 10, 2016  7:28 pm Reply

    Honestly, I think you pull off the looks better than the white models. I am not that interested in the fashion industry, mainly because it isn't diverse and all the white models look the same most of the time. To me, it makes it kind of boring to look at after a couple of pages. Not only that, but I am very much interested in civil rights and diversity within the world. I would love to see more diversity in the fashion world, and I really hope it changes so that there are more stunning black models in the fashion industry. These photos made my day!


  144. by Gerda on December 10, 2016  9:03 pm Reply

    I never realised how "white" these commercials are.... For me, this is an eye- opener.
    I love your photo's. I think they're often better than the original photo's, because of your looks. Your skin and colour are beautiful and many white women (including me! :-) )may wish they had such a wonderful colour. Good luck!

  145. by Heather on December 10, 2016  9:46 pm Reply

    I love these photos. Not only are you projecting diversity, I believe you are also projecting a healthy body shape and not encouraging anorexia or bleimia. You are beautiful and we need more women like you showing us what beauty grueling truly is. Thank you for your hard work and great example.

  146. by LaShawn on December 11, 2016  12:10 am Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful idea. Black women are some of the most stunning creatures on this Earth. What a shame and loss for those who don't recognize it. I feel your pain as it relates to discrimination. As a black doctor, although I trained just like all other doctors, I still feel that I have to work harder than my white counterparts, who are often not as good. So, keep going and KICK some butt!!! You have IT and more to slay the industry.!!!

  147. by Tarah on December 11, 2016  2:08 am Reply

    As a white women, I will never fully understand your point, as I have never walked in your shoes.
    I do get tired of the race card being thrown at white people, but I've never tried to achieve something and get denied because of my race.
    I grew up with barbies, and was gifted with the main barbie who's white with blond hair, but I always wanted the other barbies with black skin, or the red or brown hair...
    Everyone needs to see variety in the media (whether you perceive it as beauty or not) simply because life is full of variety.
    If Sesame Street can have variety, media should too!
    These pictures are the same quality as each other. There is absolutely no reason the 2nd photos should not be in magazines also.

  148. by rita on December 11, 2016  2:54 am Reply

    I enjoyed this, my mother wanted to be a model (back in the 50-60's era ) but she had two strikes against her one was her height she was too short and she wasn't light enough to pass

  149. by Evgeny on December 11, 2016  3:24 am Reply

    DD - you are beautiful.
    You break stereotypes templates.

    Would you like to hold a photo shoot in snow? (I did not notice that you were shot in the setting of such).

    "From Russia with love"

    Sorry for any errors, it is not my native language.
    p.s. photo session in support of wildlife (the problem of destruction of wildlife) -

  150. by Andre on December 11, 2016  3:25 am Reply

    Great work, congratulations, and - it's so sad to say - of huge relevance since the latest boost of openly racist tendencies en the US and other places in the world.

  151. by Amie on December 11, 2016  5:08 am Reply

    Derreh you are amazing, inspiring and beautiful, inside and out - Keep up the good work! I agree, theres something beautiful in each person, regardless of the group, race, etc and its high time that marketing should get on board and reflect it - They should help to make the world a better place by giving inspiration and hope to all people ❤️

  152. by Amie on December 11, 2016  5:11 am Reply

    Stupid autocorrect, I pressed add comment before reading, my apologies Deddeh! Please edit my comment to fix your name.

  153. by moois van me on December 11, 2016  10:36 am Reply

    Cool pictures and a good campain! I hope it will work because it is necessary. Not only in Fashion Industry. We are 2016, it's about time to stop discrimination and start to hug diversity.

  154. by Lee Miller on December 11, 2016  12:17 pm Reply

    Hi there, just to let you know, I watch a Netflix TV show called Black Mirror. I hope you don't run into any disputes over the title. Best wishes.

  155. by Franckyb on December 11, 2016  12:25 pm Reply

    I am a French photographer who is also fighting for the blacks to be a little more represented in the world of modeling. I loved your project. FranckyB

  156. by HH on December 11, 2016  12:54 pm Reply

    i'am caucasian and my (beautifull) wife is from Kinshasa, RD congo....and you are far so more beautifull as the white models in the black mirror project...hope the see you in a lot of modelshoots...amazing beautifull.

  157. by Serg on December 11, 2016  1:31 pm Reply

    slop shit.
    consumers of these brendov- white. Which makes sense to take a black model?

  158. by Arun Saini on December 11, 2016  4:06 pm Reply

    Great work,inspiration, congratulations,congregation congregation!!!!

  159. by Marc on December 11, 2016  7:19 pm Reply

    You've got soul Deddeh.

    The modelling world is not my terrain but seeing your - superbly created and shaped - campaign for more coloured !

    As said: you're even more beautiful then the white modells.....and you look kind.
    The fact that you stand up for coloured modells to get a chance adds to it.
    You've got a caring heart.

  160. by NN on December 11, 2016  8:10 pm Reply

    Unfortunately, almost all of the original photos look better in this selection.

  161. by Rain on December 11, 2016  8:17 pm Reply

    DD, your photos are absolutely stunning. I like most of them better than the originals because you have such a powerful, smouldering expression! What you've done here speaks for itself and sends a strong message out to the industry; people like you are changing the world and I wish you nothing but success in everything you strive for. The traditional drive for a certain look has no place in the modern world and any consumer worth their salt can appreciate the beauty of greater diversity on billboards across the world.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures, and for making this important statement and staying positive even when you're up against such ingrained discrimination. You rock.

    - A white woman who wants to see more POC representation across all industries. Listen up, agencies.

  162. by Andy on December 11, 2016  8:52 pm Reply

    Absolutely stunning. Your take is flawless and effortless. So sad the industry is colour blind as clearly Black is way more Beautiful.

  163. by Sagnsee Fashion Police Senegal on December 11, 2016  9:07 pm Reply

    Ton combat est noble et mérite d'être soutenu parce qu'il s'agit simplement de reconnaître le talent de façon générale et pour ce qui est de la mode,du cinéma et de la télévision de mettre l'accent sur le professionnalisme.Et toi Deddeh Howar,tu as tout ce qu'il faut, le professionnalisme,la beauté,l'intelligence et la taille pour rivaliser avec les meilleures.Je suis de tout cœur avec toi.Tu as le soutien de tous ceux qui comme moi aiment la justice et l'équité dans le traitement de nos relations ,qu'elles soient commerciales ou non. Oui pour la diversité!

  164. by Kim on December 11, 2016  9:47 pm Reply

    Well this is wonderful. Thank you!

  165. by charly on December 11, 2016  10:06 pm Reply

    great, great work. as a white person i can say, campaigns like this are so important to open our eyes. sadly, even though I have been researching on racism and diversity for a year now, only slowly can I begin to understand what different obstacles women and men of colour face in their lifes compared to my experience as a white person. and in how many ways our society lacks diversity. it sounds strange, but we need people like you to speak up to give white people an insight into the day-to-day racism that people of colour face. thank you for making this important point also for the fashion industry. as a white person, I really didn't notice this before. how embarrassing!!

  166. by Tara on December 11, 2016  10:39 pm Reply

    The pics are ok. Out of all the pics only the last 2 stood out as being better than the white model. People have forgotten that the African American women have been gracing the covers of every magazine out there. There's literally tons and tons of black models even today. Want a list of them? They worked damn hard for their place and I think everyone should work hard for what they want instead of expecting it to be handed to them on a silver platter as if they're entitled. You have a pretty face but other aspects of you need work. That is all.

  167. by Sheri on December 11, 2016  11:11 pm Reply

    You are completely right! You are beautiful and capable to do those same jobs if not better. Wonderful article and photos. Keep fighting for what's yours!✊

  168. by Beatris on December 11, 2016  11:51 pm Reply

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  169. by Maxine P on December 12, 2016  5:46 am Reply

    This is great! I totally think you would have pulled off any of these campaigns! I admire also how much work it must have been to recreate all of these! you are amazing and an inspiration to all women to take a stand and be true to ourselves, and to speak out against inequalities and injustices.

  170. by Pamela on December 12, 2016  6:53 am Reply

    Thank you so much for taking action in a positive and impactful way. As the mother of a 21 year old dark skinned young woman who, during her teen years, aspired to become a model and became discouraged for exactly the reasons you outlined, I had to comment. Please continue to use your voice and expose this antiquated mind set of the fashion industry. Change is long overdue. By the way, the average American, black, white or otherwise would need to spend their entire monthly paycheck on some of these "high end" products. But to say only whites can afford them is ludicrous! These products don't care what color the person is, unfortunately fashion and advertising personnel need to expand their thinking and open their minds and their eyes.
    I hope you are able to permanently knock those closed doors off their hinges! My daughter and all of those aspiring models coming behind you will be forever grateful!

  171. by prk on December 12, 2016  6:58 am Reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!! we do need more representation in POSITIVE roles! marketing/advertising/media/etc need to show the REALITY of life and the world, not a Eurocentric one. I wish you the best with this project - and you are one beautiful woman! you outshone many of the models on these ads...

  172. by naeem alrahman on December 12, 2016  8:39 am Reply

    it is simply amazing black brown or white everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. love and peace

  173. by Celia on December 12, 2016  9:01 am Reply

    This is a great idea - of course you can't please everyone. There will be calls for different body types, more cultures etc etc But you have done a great job in trying to bring the issue to mainstream attention! Keep going :)

  174. by K-wash on December 12, 2016  11:21 am Reply

    Beautiful! Growing up mixed race (white with afro hair) I was and am still on the hunt for diversity in fashion. The more there is, the more reference points we have for ourselves.

  175. by Elizabeth on December 12, 2016  4:49 pm Reply

    Love love the comparisons. You totally rocked it!

  176. by Daniel on December 12, 2016  4:58 pm Reply

    Your pics are often nicer!

  177. by Christiaan Vermeersch on December 12, 2016  6:14 pm Reply

    Good job! I hope the agencies will change their mind now. They have absolutely no point refuting black.

  178. by Pete on December 12, 2016  7:12 pm Reply

    Lets not forget that it is money that drives the fashion industry. It would be interesting to see the rates of return of fashion campaigns of different ethnic diversities. The conversation above about the NBA and the NFL are both good and bad comparisons. Race doesn't matter in professional sports because the only color people care about is green. However, the demographic of athletes with exceptional performance abilities is largely black. Better performance = better team = more opportunities to make money. It isn't racism or the underrepresentation of white athletes in the league. It's a business that is most profitable with the best athletes. Those athletes are typically black.

    The fashion industry is also a business. What is the demographic makeup of the consumers of the brands represented in this project? In general, if the consumers of a product are black, I'm guessing (I don't have the research) black models would be used in those campaigns. This is probably true for nearly all fashion brands, not just the luxury brands above.

  179. by Mwangi Mwaniki on December 12, 2016  8:02 pm Reply

    Oginga Odinga
    Zul Arcade

  180. by Gottfried on December 12, 2016  8:16 pm Reply

    What are the names of these black models? I can't seem to find them anywhere... THEY ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL I AM BREATHLESS!!!

  181. by Lorin ACosta on December 12, 2016  8:43 pm Reply

    WOW! What a super piece of writing, displaying and just informing!! You are gorgeous - you s/b on the Runway! The only place I see more non-white women modeling is in a Neiman Marcus catalog. And I am just as jealous of their bodies as any white one - and I am white. So sorry to see some of the comments that you should leave this topic alone - leaving something alone allows the something to continue to exist - when it needs to be corrected! Keep up the good work.

  182. by Bernice on December 12, 2016  9:16 pm Reply

    I completely agree that we need more diversification in our media and in our ethnically representations especially in the news. As a child moving to Australia it was hard for me finding good Asian role models as there was hardly any Asians in the media, and many portrayals were comical. I do think it has gotten a lot better in the past years but there is remergence of negative portrayals to set an agenda in the media. Hopefully actions like this model in your post can help push forward positive media xx

  183. by Amancia on December 12, 2016  10:50 pm Reply

    In french...FELICITATIONS!!! Ce travail nous fait le plus grand bien et me rappelle les paroles de la chanson de Santana "Black Magic Woman".

    Thank you so much!

  184. by Matthew on December 12, 2016  11:04 pm Reply

    Lovely photo-set. A lot of these photos surpass the originals in my opinion. I do not think I need a white model to make me identify with the advertisement at all. As long as the model is treated with respect, I will understand the message of the photo without the need for white-washing. As for the "sexy" photos, I think they are great because they look a little different from what I am used to seeing. In this day, we are saturated with advertisements, and media, and without taking full advantage of the diversity of our nations, makes it seem shallow, and easily ignore-able.

    I think better representation would help curb the racism we have observed in recent years. The media is partly responsible for their portrayal of the various ethnicities in our society. Without real experience with minorities, some lesser educated minds will take to tropes and stereotypes for their worldviews.

    Beautiful photos! Keep it up! :D

  185. by Jonathan on December 12, 2016  11:31 pm Reply

    You hit the bull's eye! I agree with you 100%.....BLACK is Beauty!

  186. by Axel on December 13, 2016  12:16 pm Reply

    Much more beautiful, attractive and noble than the original

  187. by Bruno on December 13, 2016  7:16 pm Reply

    The real beauty in these picture is beyond the colour of your skin, beyond your nice face.
    It's in the world you wish and that we can feel in your eyes, mirror of the soul.
    Thank you for this refreshing project.
    (A white man from Belgium)

  188. by Tea on December 13, 2016  7:48 pm Reply

    I'm so HAPPY you did this. As someone who worked in fashion I would always ask why not have a woman of color on the packaging? The closest I got was a model who could pass for Latin or Asian but appeared mixed with white. I always said if designers/companies included more diversity they would get more sales because people want to see people who look like them. But we (people of color) have been conditioned to see past the white model & see the clothes, product, etc. Where as white people probably can't see past a person of color skin color.

  189. by Jordan Chapman on December 14, 2016  4:51 am Reply

    I've seen this post and as a WOC I definitely agree that diversity is needed in this world, especially the fashion industry. Fashion is really lacking when it comes to preaching that all shapes, colours, sizes, and people are equal and I think it's time for everything to change.
    Jordan xx

  190. by Smithd693 on December 14, 2016  11:43 am Reply

    I really enjoy the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. cceddfaakbadcbbe

  191. by Eleonore on December 14, 2016  8:35 pm Reply

    It's not a question of beauty. You are very pretty, you have the body and you can make the poses.
    I think first it's a question of "what is the type of the richest people", and there are more white people with money. They should think "I could look like the model in these clothes" and make an unconsciously identification with the model. May be they are not slim but they can imagine themselves with the product. And second I can tell you as a photographer: Easiest to photograph are models with bright eyes, hair and skin. Easiest. I did not say an other word. You can see it often in the hair (your picture 1 (Buendchen) and the picture with the motorbike). Blond hair or light brown hair too has more color shades in the pictures than black hair. It is a required effect if you want a picture with "movement" and dynamic.
    It's a similar thing why models for the catwalk have to be so skinny. When a woman has more figure it's more complicated to fit the clothes because the more fat you have, the more different it can be distributed on your body. And these very skin models do not have to be pretty.

    We have a lot of prejudices and stereotyped thinking. To be excluded because of skin color or other natural features is in a lot of cases unfair and wrong. But in the case of models I think it has other reasons for the imbalance (on the surface. Under the surface you can ask: Why there are much more white people with money, and you will find a lot of racism). I think it's just the money making. If they could sell more with your type you would have a lot of offers.
    (Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.)

  192. by Levi on December 15, 2016  12:32 am Reply

    Wow! You are more beautiful than the original photos by far. They seriously told you they already have a black girl as a dismissal. That f#@cked up.

  193. by Claire on December 15, 2016  7:41 am Reply

    Wonderful work gorgeous lady, you are speaking up on something that is rife in the fashion industry which needs to be put in the spotlight & changed.

    Anyone who doesn't get the point of this, you need your eyes opened! Equal opportunity for all is important in the 21st century for any kind of job, this includes a talented model being able to cast for a job and have a real shot of getting it if they fit the bill regardless of skin colour or race and not being told that the qouta for a black or chinese or indian model has been reached when there is no qouta for white models! That's wrong and needs to be stopped. A beautiful model who is suitable for a campaign should be able to work regardless of how dark or white they are.

    If you can't see the point of this whole exercise regardless of what race you are then you need some serious education & is an example of what is wrong with the world we live in right now. Empathy for real discrimination is important whether or not you have experienced it yourself due to being white.

  194. by Nadja on December 15, 2016  11:24 am Reply

    I try in english, but it´s not my native language.
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures!!
    I agree with Eleonore. The most photos are easier to process with bright skin/hair. Its a technical no personal thing. I´m talking as a graphic designer.
    Yes, it´s true: There are more models with bright skin represented in advertising. And that is mathematical not fair. But there are also other aspects to consider: target group, money.
    The problem is based deeper. It seems to be the decision of booker or seller. But it´s still in society - they decide what to buy and wherefore they spend their money. Demand determines offer.
    Keep going on and there will be more color in this world! :)

  195. by KMac 2860 on December 15, 2016  7:08 pm Reply

    I love your photos. Not only are you every bit as beautiful as the models in the originals, you have a difference. In almost all of them, your lips are turned up in a bit of a smile, while the white women are turned down. It puts so much more into your expression. It says there's more going on inside that head of yours. It makes me think you would be immensely more interesting to get to know.

    Diversity recognizes that people have differences. Racism says that those differences come with minus signs.

  196. by CAu on December 16, 2016  12:51 am Reply

    I love these comparison photos but mimicking what a white model is modeling is a problem since the black clothes/sunglasses on dark skin don't pop out as nicely as it does on the white models. That black lacy top stands out so much better against white skin whereas against dark skin you hardly notice it is lacy. Not saying the fashion industry doesn't need more diversity but I can see why they'd use white models mostly if all they make are darker colored items. If I were selling these particular items, I'd pick the white model even though the black model is gorgeous.

    The solution is of course to make colored items that pop on black skin. I think mixed race people are some of the most beautiful on the planet and would love to see more of their faces than just whites. But as I've never bought a single item from any designers mentioned here, I have no clue what the racial makeup is for those spending their dollars on designer brands and perhaps that is why the fashion industry is so stubborn about changing from their mostly all white lineups. Though Michelle Obama has worn some nice designer stuff I don't recall her using these brands either. I can say though that there is a lack of diversity in the middle class catalogs where I would guess more diverse people shop so perhaps a better place to start is there.

    I wish you luck in getting your message out there and enacting change. This country should be about enabling people to achieve their dreams regardless of race or gender. Sadly, it's not there yet.

  197. by CempakaD on December 17, 2016  5:30 am Reply

    I really liked this, because some colors looks so much better on dark skin. I mean, considering the aesthetics, I always thought some brands should use more people of color, because they actually can make their merchandise pops

  198. by Mags on December 17, 2016  12:54 pm Reply

    I love the message here, but can I be superficial for a minute? This is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Seriously. Lady, you are a goddess.

  199. by Akiko Homma on December 17, 2016  8:38 pm Reply

    I'm interested your doing.I'm Asian.
    I want to try Asian ver.Do you interest about that?

  200. by George Adams on December 18, 2016  2:13 pm Reply

    You go girl!!!

  201. by Tmoney on December 18, 2016  3:28 pm Reply

    I appreciate the sentiment of the project. I find it ironic that in a discussion about diversity and lack of representation, in the piece on Up worthy the creator of the project is simply described as being from 'West Africa'. Huh? Where? Ghana? Togo? Nigeria? Senegal? Serious pet peeve of mine. If we want to start being recognized and represented start with demanding to be properly identified. So tired of the entire continent being referenced as a country. Will never forget a piece in Glamour years ago, there was a feature that pictured some of the up & coming models. Beside all of the models it listed their countries, Brazil, Croatia, US and next to the one Black model it simply stated Africa. Like they couldn't be bothered to find out which of the 150+ countries she was from. So how about we start with demanding the basics?

  202. by Tmoney on December 18, 2016  3:30 pm Reply

    I appreciate the sentiment of the project. I find it ironic that in a discussion about diversity and lack of representation, in the piece on Up worthy the creator of the project is simply described as being from 'West Africa'. Huh? Where? Ghana? Togo? Nigeria? Senegal? Serious pet peeve of mine. If we want to start being recognized and represented start with demanding to be properly identified. So tired of the entire continent being referenced as a country. Will never forget a piece in Glamour years ago, there was a feature that pictured some of the up & coming models. Beside all of the models it listed their countries, Brazil, Croatia, US and next to the one Black model it simply stated Africa. Like they couldn't be bothered to find out which of the 150+ countries she was from. So how about we start with demanding the basics? If it was mentioned elsewhere in the piece & I overlooked it, my apologies.

  203. by Chandi on December 19, 2016  4:21 pm Reply

    Being a white woman, I had never really thought about this subject. But you are absolutely correct. In the majority of the pictures, if not all, I much prefer you in the photos. I do not understand why all women are not represented equally. They should be.

  204. by corburt erilio on December 22, 2016  3:20 pm Reply

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  205. by Angela on December 23, 2016  3:27 pm Reply

    You completely outshine every single model in this. You also look real where most of them look like plastic. Perhaps its that win lose idea which leads to this mis-representation of humanity.

  206. by Liz on December 25, 2016  6:45 am Reply

    I think your pictures are superior to every one of the originals! Beautiful!

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