Just a few weeks ago Marvel announced the very first major black female superhero: Riri Williams taking over for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in Iron Man. This got me so excited as I always felt black women were not really represented at all in their movies and among superheroes in general. 

 When the first picture on the cover of “Invincible Iron Man” was shown in a funny way I saw myself in it. This sparked the idea to shoot my own version. I teamed up with photographer Raffael Dickreuter to shoot and create these images.





It has been clear that not only women but black women in particular have been underrepresented in movies. With maybe the exception of Halle Berry playing Catwoman there are no badass women showcasing what we can do and also serve as an inspiration to the next generation of young girls. 
Tony Stark is one of the coolest characters on the big screen today. He has a lavish lifestyle, uses the most cutting edge tools to build the amazing Iron Man suits and gets to fly around the world. What is not to like. I saulte Marvel for being bold enough to trust a young black girl to come in as his successor. I can’t wait to see what all the character can do.




Do you believe I could be this character? Building the suit in my basement, put the actual suit on and maybe star in the next Iron Man 4? 
As they say anything is possible as long as you dare to dream it. 
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Photographer: Raffael Dickreuter
Makeup & Hair: Jessica Davis
Red Top: Laura Basci 


  1. by Mariann on November 30, 2016  8:45 pm Reply

    You are literally so amazing! You represent a powerful woman and definitely a great role model. I love this so much!!

    Keep killing it babes XO.


  2. by Camille on November 30, 2016  9:25 pm Reply

    OMG babe!!! You are killing it with this, what a fun photoshoot!!

  3. by Stephanie on November 30, 2016  10:21 pm Reply

    AAAAHHHHHH I'm literally over here squealing with delight reading this. I'm a mega comic book/superhero nerd and I have to say I was super excited when I found out about Riri. You completely embody her, personality, looks, everything - and I'm obsessed with it! This is definitely my favorite post of all time from you! I'm probably going to share it on Facebook and/or Twitter too! You rock, girlfriend!

    Stephanie //

  4. by Sharon Wu on December 1, 2016  1:27 am Reply

    GIRL YOU ARE ROCKING THIS!!! I love this so much! You look incredible and so fierce! <3 xo, sharon

  5. by gracie on December 1, 2016  1:48 am Reply

    Wow, wow wow ! Absolutely stunning !!! Embodies the beautiful yet strong female !!!!! Amazing :)
    xx, gracie

  6. by Yasmin on December 1, 2016  2:55 am Reply

    Wow this amazing! Has Marvel seen this? You could be in the next Iron Man movie girl. I would watch you up there!!! I heard Lupita was going to be in the next Black Panther movie from Marvel. Not sure if she's got a superhero role, or a supporting character role.

    xx Yasmin

  7. by Linh Dao on December 1, 2016  3:40 am Reply

    OMG first of, I love Marvel so much! Your photoshoot is so amazing! You are rocking it. I wish I could be as fierce!


  8. by Samantha Mariko on December 1, 2016  5:32 am Reply

    you are SLAYIN'! what an awesome idea for a shoot :)

  9. by Christine Kong on December 1, 2016  6:26 am Reply

    Wow, you ARE the part babe! This is so awesome and you look incredibly fierce and own it. I love this shoot idea and you are definitely empowering and inspiring. So amazing and speechless! xoxo, Christine

  10. by Yuena on December 1, 2016  9:03 am Reply

    omgosh your pictures make you look like a super hero. I love it!

  11. by Jo on December 1, 2016  3:52 pm Reply

    That's so awesome for Marvel to cast Iron Man as a strong black female! Very cool!! Love these pics. You totally look like a superhero!

    xo, Jo

  12. by Data Pepple on December 1, 2016  4:24 pm Reply

    This is soooooooo awesome! and gosh, you are sooo beautiful.

  13. by Lily on December 1, 2016  4:31 pm Reply

    Oh my god, is this even real?! You are KILLING it babe - I'm so in love with this!!!

  14. by Fe Samaia on December 1, 2016  7:04 pm Reply

    This look so AMAZING!!!! Omg I absolutely love these photos and I agree everything is possible if you believe!


  15. by Miki on December 1, 2016  9:05 pm Reply

    OMG!! This shoot is absolutely incredible. I can totally see you in this role. Amazing.


  16. by Jenn Hanft on December 2, 2016  4:13 am Reply

    OMG... I have no words. This is absolutely perfect and looks so real that I wish you were actually playing this role. I can't believe how magnificent the shots came out !!

    XO Jenn

  17. by Josie on December 2, 2016  9:59 am Reply

    I'd be your number one fan Deddeh for Iron Man 4 hehe ! What!! I'm obsessed right now. Tony Stark is one of my fav character in the Marvel series and I cannot wait to see the black Iron Man. I also feel like black women are so under-rated and it was about time for some change. This is going to be so great for little black girls!

    Bisous, Josie

  18. by Thomas Falkenstedt on December 2, 2016  10:50 am Reply

    You totally make this character come alive in these beautiful pictures! And unfortunately I have to agree with you, women with superpowers are underrepresented, especially black women, but one that I love is Storm in X-Men! She's also the headmaster of the school now that Xavier died (hopefully I didn't spoil it for anyone, haha).
    But thanks for bringing up such an important issue!

  19. by Kusum on December 2, 2016  5:38 pm Reply

    Wait, what, this is not from a movie or a poster for Hollywood, you have got to be kidding me!!! This is as real as it gets, I really had to double check to make sure I did not come to a Hollywood movie website. You are totally rocking this and of course you already look like the character, no doubts about it!
    xx, Kusum |

  20. by Jo on December 2, 2016  6:45 pm Reply

    Girl I couldn't move my eyes away from these awesome pictures, you pretty much brought that character alive right in front of my eyes. You are totally rocking this for sure.


  21. by Bernice on December 5, 2016  11:42 am Reply

    Coolest blog post ever! Amazing editing skills and fantastic female empowerment piece.

  22. by Helen Chik on December 5, 2016  12:15 pm Reply

    OMG How awesome are these images and you would be an AWESOME iron girl. Iron man is my favourite marvels character - also because Robert Downey Jr plays him haha! You totally rock this superhero look!

    Helen xx

  23. by rachel on December 7, 2016  10:35 pm Reply

    Holy moly this is so so cool. I love it.
    xoxo, Rachel Vogt

  24. by Q on December 8, 2016  7:45 pm Reply

    Just one little problem with your factchecking: Riri is NOT taking over for Tony in the movies. She's only in the comics so far. Deliberately misrepresenting the facts to help what is a very important cause doesn't help at all.

  25. by Atsuna Matsui on December 10, 2016  6:45 am Reply

    You totally nailed the iron man look. You could make this into a Halloween costume idea actually. :) I've never attempted to dress up as a superhero before.. but sounds like a fun experiment.


  26. by marcy on December 10, 2016  12:51 pm Reply

    Such an incredible and fun post to see and read babe!!! My iron women LOVE it!!!
    I can see you like a super hero actually. LOVE the pics


  27. by Timothy Brannan on December 13, 2016  1:17 pm Reply

    Wow. That is all I have to say. You nailed this. I NEED a Riri Williams "Ironheart" movie now.
    That last picture looks so badass. Thank you for doing this.

    IF there ever is a movie then the actress they choose has a lot to live up to!
    "Yeah she is a great actress and very attractive, but is she as good in the suit as Deddeh Howard was?"

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