As a dark skinned woman, you would think I will stay away from all back. Well I used to live in all back. I just felt so comfortable having almost my entire closet full of black outfits. Not till a few years ago, one of my girl friends noticed my obsession for black and told me to be open about other colors. She said that, a bright yellow dress will look way better on me. I took her advice and started adding more colors to my closet, but I didn’t get rid of my black look as you can’t go wrong with all back. I did realize that playing with colors and textures is really fun as a little touch of red or any color to an all black outfit can give the look a great finished touch. I’m always adding a little or more colors to almost all my outfit.




A few days ago, I posted an image on Instagram and wanted to know your favorite color. I did mention that the most favorite colors will be my next outfit. So I give you the most favorite color, ALL BLACK. I wasn’t surprised that most you love black because I love black as well. It’s easy to wear and goes with everything. You can be very creative with an all black look just by adding some colors like this amazing Chanel bag I’m wearing. I’m not saying that I’m back to my all back closet or you shouldn’t wear all black, I’m saying when in doubt, just wear black and look chic.









Thanks For Reading.

Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Chanel


  1. by Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby on April 12, 2016  6:17 am Reply

    You are so stunning, Deddeh! So great meeting you today. I'm in love with you & your style <3 xoxo, sharon

    • by deddehhoward on April 13, 2016  11:15 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Sharon, you are lovely and it was so nice meeting you as well and cant wait to meet again.

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