On of my favorite cities is New York. I recently got the chance again to visit this great city.  As much as it can be fun to be living in LA with the beaches and sun all the time, I have to admit being in a high paced placed like the big apple is very fascinating. Every time I visit the city there is so much more and new stuff to see that you will never ever be bored. We had so much fun in New York even tough it was only limited to a few days. It was nice to take a break from California. Some highlights were the Speakeasy bars, something that is more hidden and more known to locals. I wish I could tell all the stories, but to be honest you really have to see it with your own eyes. You would most likely not believe me, crazy things happen there, trust me. So when you happen to be in town, try to visit a place called “The Box”, if you do, drop me a line and tell me your personal story. hahaha.

New York teaches you very fast that you have to pick up the pace. If you are not from there you might simply be too slow! The locals will push you out of the way if you don’t move fast enough when the lights change. The best way to blend in is to act fast and speak to the locals and just take in the beauty of the city.  The opportunity to be able to walk everywhere or use the subway  to get to places fast, really makes you feel alive and you get a taste of life and the people. There are tons of little shops that you can explore, where it is also great to meet friends or make new ones.

I put below some random photos of my experience in the city, I hope you enjoy them.






This is was one of my favorite local spots that I found. The manager was even nice enough to give a tour through the entire place. The yogurt are produced directly in the store. The place has these large machines that you can see in the pictures that produces excellent fresh Yogurts. It tastes excellent and they also have a beautiful back yard where you can hangout and have great conversations. Great place and healthy food to enjoy. Check them out here





The Twin Tower memorial. The two big squares represent where the  World Trade Center used to stay. It is very heavy to see this monument. You just feel the significance of it makes really feel impacted.







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  1. by john on January 13, 2016  2:22 pm Reply

    omg your blog is amazing.

    • by deddehhoward on January 13, 2016  8:25 pm Reply

      Thank you so much John, I really glad you love it.

      • by john on January 29, 2016  2:40 pm Reply


  2. by Syd on December 10, 2016  2:58 am Reply

    You are such an inspiration. I love to travel and explore the world. Although I only, as they say 18 is, just turned into an "adult", I hope to be as intelligent and inspiring as you are one day. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Oh, and might I just add you're so beautiful!!

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