Todays blog post is going to be all about me.. I have gotten so many questions about what I do, where I’m from, how I get through my days,  etc. so I decided to tell you all a little about me and what inspires me everyday.
5 things you don’t know about me. 
1. I didn’t not grow up in Liberia: 
I was born in Liberia, West Africa but I didn’t grow up there. In fact, I only remember being in my country once, for Christmas when I was 7 or 8 years old, I think. I wish I had spent more time back home but I was too busy with catholic school which I asked my dad to attend when I was a child. Growing up, I always knew what I wanted and the things I wanted to be apart of and one of them was my dream school that I make it in without my parents worrying too much of how expensive it was. Because I had good grades to keep myself in the school. I’ll be going back to my country this year or next year for sure.

2. I experienced the war: 
I grew up in Côte d’Ivoire were I learned how to speak French. I lived in Ghana for 5 years and traveled to many other African countries with my parents as a child. I had some crazy moments in Ghana when the Ghanaian government wanted all the Liberian out of the country. My family and I ran for our lives into bushes and all our men was taken away from us. My father was taken away alone with my uncles and cousins. I thought I would never see them again. After a whole day, they set all the man free and my family was reunited again. This is one reason why I respect people and appreciate everything I have in this life. I try to spend time with the people I love and show them my love because one day, you never know, they might be gone.
3. I love traveling and working out:
Raffael and I travel a lot even if it’s just going an hour away( like these images). When I travel, I feel like my life is moving forward and I’m happy. It such a good way to adopt and get to know a whole new culture or people. As for working out, I have to limits. I can workout for 7 days aways and not get tried. It’s a way of showing myself love and I’m obsessed. I played Soccer till high school, so I love running and I can run for an hour nonstop. Too much passion.

2. I’m not me if I’m not busy: 
Yes this is an important fact about me and it’s funny because only a few people that knows me knows this. My world is falling apart if am not busy, I get bored easily so for that reason I have to keep doing something. I tried and learned so many things in my life that keeps me busy. That is why my blog is a fashion, lifestyle, fitness, healthy and travel because I love to do it all. Trust me when I say I’m a fast learner because I know it will help keep me busy. I do finish the job of course but there’s this fire inside of me that just keep me going. I’m up at 4-5am meditating and planning my days. I have school, work and also personal life stuff that you will think will stop me at some point but for some reason I just keep going because I love doing it all and it makes me happy. This another reason why I started being a blogger, to help people and how them all things on can be good at. Life is too short to just focus on one thing.

5: last but not least, I love my sweets first:
Is this really weird, that I love to eat my dessert first? Because it seems pretty fine to me hahaha. With that being said, good news before the bad news so all I think about is the light. That’s how I look at my dessert and life. I’m always looking for the light, the brighter and happiness in everything. We should live free, love free, go places, meet people and laugh more. I believe you can be whoever and do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting others.

Thanks For Reading

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  1. by Alisha on February 21, 2017  8:12 pm Reply

    Love this post!!!! You're amazing !


  2. by Barbara on February 21, 2017  8:16 pm Reply

    These images are stunning Dehdeh you look a picture of health which in turns means wealth. Absolutely loved reading about you and seeing that at such early age you had to overcome an adversity. These things can only make you stronger and tougher which I believe you are. All power to you working out 7days a week I guess abs like that aren't made by doing "fork lifts" my favourite form of exercise thank you for sharing, great post!

    • by deddehhoward on February 22, 2017  12:55 am Reply

      hahaha Barbara, you're so funny. My abs are my favorite and I work on them everyday that's why they look the way they do now.
      Thanks for all the love.

  3. by Nina on February 21, 2017  8:35 pm Reply

    This is beautiful and great to know few things about you. You're such an inspiration. Your outfit is super gorgeous.

  4. by lanatria ellis on February 21, 2017  8:42 pm Reply

    Deddeh thank you for sharing yourself with us! You have been through so many experiences many of us have only seen on tv.I admire how hard you work.You juggle so much and you do it so gracefully.Continue to dazzle us with your style and your amazing life.

    • by deddehhoward on February 22, 2017  12:52 am Reply

      Hello Lanatria,
      Thank you so much for the love and support.

  5. by Forwardddfashion on February 21, 2017  8:47 pm Reply

    Love this

  6. by Marcy on February 21, 2017  11:16 pm Reply

    You are beautiful. And I'm sorry you experienced a war. Keep inspiring!

    • by deddehhoward on February 22, 2017  12:49 am Reply

      Thanks Marcy, You're so sweet.

  7. by Josie on February 22, 2017  3:19 am Reply

    Oh loved this post DD! It's good to learn a little bit more on you. I'm from Burkina Faso so hello West-African girlfriend! The experiences you have been through have shaped you into the woman you are today!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Bisous, Josie

  8. by Stephanie on February 22, 2017  5:18 am Reply

    It was so much fun to learn more about you through this post. You've been through a lot, grown so much, and become the most beautiful soul (with a sweet tooth hehe).

    Stephanie //

  9. by Miki on February 22, 2017  8:19 am Reply

    Such a lovely outfit. This is a great way to learn more about who you are. I love to eat ice cream before dinner, too. lol


  10. by Jo on February 22, 2017  8:09 pm Reply

    I love this post and getting to know a little bit more about you! Your positive outlook on life in the face of adversity is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    xo, Jo

  11. by Sharon Wu on February 22, 2017  10:14 pm Reply

    So great getting to know you better girl! I wish I loved working out as much as you did -- my body would be killer just like yours haha. Love these photos of you too girl! Where did you take them?! xo, sharon

  12. by Jordan Chapman on February 22, 2017  11:23 pm Reply

    I never knew any of these things, but it's great that you're sharing! You've got a deep understanding for the world that a lot of people are missing these days!
    Jordan xx

  13. by Samantha Mariko on February 23, 2017  12:14 pm Reply

    That must have been devastating when your dad and other family members were taken away from you for that one day. .. I would have been scared for my life!! But experiencing all that you have experienced has shaped you to be the amazing and strong woman you are today. Such an inspiration <3

  14. by Bernice on February 23, 2017  1:19 pm Reply

    I can't believe you've experienced something so traumatic! I see why you are such a hardworking and compassionate person xx

  15. by Thomas Falkenstedt on February 23, 2017  3:46 pm Reply

    What an incredible story you share here (and pictures to go with it). I had no idea of your background and reading about the dramatic parts of your upbringing was quite shocking, but also you came out as one heck of a strong woman and I'm proud of where you are now! I'm also envious about your French skills as I speak un petit peu, but not as fluent as I'd want to. Regarding eating your dessert first, hey, I'm not stopping you as I don't think there are any rules or conventions you need to follow, haha. :)

  16. by Kusum on February 23, 2017  6:21 pm Reply

    Love getting to know you better, so proud of how far you have come and all your have achieved! And haha I am the same way, I am not me if not busy and sweets, yes please! Also, that skirt is to die for, I need that in my life, you look as beautiful as ever.

    xx, Kusum |

  17. by Yasmin on February 26, 2017  6:10 pm Reply

    That's so interesting about the dessert! Where my family comes from in India, they like to eat dessert before the meal. We don't do it here in the US, but when we visit sometimes we do it there. It's a nice tradition. Love the skirt so much. You look adorable!

    xx Yasmin

  18. by Candace on February 27, 2017  1:55 am Reply

    So glad you were able to reunite with your family! That is so scary and definitely makes you appreciate everything you have. You look so stunning in these pics. I had no idea you were Liberian. You're gorgeous!

  19. by Linh on February 27, 2017  8:05 am Reply

    Wow! I love learning about bloggers and this post is amazing babe! You have been through a lot and I love that about you because it makes you you! You are a beautiful person! Thank you for sharing! And love this outfit! I hope someday we can meet since we are both in LA!

  20. by Atsuna Matsui on February 28, 2017  4:16 am Reply

    I'm absolutely in love with what you're wearing in this shoot and it's so nice to get to know you a little more! I'm also the very productive type! I'm very driven and I love getting work cause it brings me so much satisfaction like I feel like I have a purpose.

  21. by Lucy Hernandez on March 7, 2017  11:09 pm Reply

    Wow what a sometimes scary adventure you lived in your youth! Incredible. And I adore the mix of florals and stripes, straight off Spring FW trends!

  22. by marcy on March 15, 2017  11:01 am Reply

    Such a personal post babe and love knowing more about you!!! I share the love travelling since I'm travel addict hehehe
    You looks gorgeous and love this look.


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