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Category: Travel

18 Jan

A Guide To Kenya

There is one place in Africa that stole my heart on our African trip and it’s Kenya. Today’s blog post is going to be my guide to Kenya and why everyone should take a trip to Mama Africa and visit Kenya. Why visit Kenya I have never been to Kenya before, it was my first time, so we decided to do just five days in Kenya which I regretted because it’s just not enough time to spent in such a big and special country, but those days were well spent for sure. The Kenyan are fun, kind, educated, beautiful and very helpful. The city is very developed and some parts are not, but that’s the same for many countries in the world. Did...
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10 Jan

75th Golden Globes Awards 2018

Going from sitting at home watching the Golden Globes to actually being at the Golden Globes and walking the red carpet was a night to remember! Hello you guys and happy new Year! 2018 all started with a great surprise of being Raffael's date (my boyfriend) at the 75th Golden Globes awards. It was one of the most historical and magical night in not only my life, but the life of so many A-list celebrities in Hollywood. I was so honored and blessed to be attending and walking the red carpet like all the stars for the 2nd time. So today’s blog post is going to be about my experience at the Golden Globes 2018 Awards. I’d be lying to you if...
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7 Sep

What To Wear For Fall

    Fall, is one of my favorite seasons, not only does it still feel like summer but the fall collections of clothing are quite exciting. The colors are bold, beautiful and it brings your closet to life. This fall, red and burgundy are the trendy colors and these are colors that work on all skin tones and can be worn at anytime of the day. My favorite fall trend is 70s Plaid. When you hear plaid, you typically think of '90s grunge. But this fall is all about the bright plaid from the '70s and I'm loving it. I already owned a couple a plaid pieces and hopefully I get to wear them at fashion week. This trend is so fun...
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28 Jul

What To Wear In New York

If you're a big fan of New York or if you are trying to visit, this post is for you. Before we go into what to wear in NYC, let me tell you why I was in the city for five days. You all know that I'm a Under Armour brand ambassador right? If not, I'm so excited to let you know that I am and this has been a life changing experience for me and my family. Anyways, I was in NYC for the new Under Armour women campaign called Unlike Any. Which highlights women empowerment and how women overcame obstacles in their lives. You guys have to check out this campaign, it so inspiring and powerful. I had...
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10 May

New York Days

Dear NYC, I can't believe I'm wearing shorts in the spring or do I always feel cold because I am of Africa? Ok seriously, last week was busy and fun. A few months ago, I got invited to be a panelist on the event called Creative and Cultivate. I know right, I was so honored to be speaking at this big women empowerment event and I couldn't wait for the day to come. Also, I love NYC when it's not winter. I'm more of a summer girl and my biggest fear is feeling uncomfortable in the cold so it worked just perfectly for me. We got to NYC on Tuesday for Create and Cultivate, we explored the city before my big day which was on Saturday....
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31 Mar

Chasing The Sun With Becca Cosmetics

Since I became a blogger a year and half ago, I always wanted to work with great brands and be apart of great awareness. I wanted to help people and honestly review products and show people how to use them and tell honestly if that product is great or not. All my blogging life I have dreamt of brands like BECCA cosmetics but I didn't even know much about the brand till I got contacted by BECCA to join the team on the #beccascape trip in beautiful Palm Springs. You guys, this was my first big brand invite on a travel trip and It was a dream come true. I was so excited you have no idea. I was told that the...
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8 Mar

Mexico Part 1

Dear Mexico, I really don't want to go back to LA, not quite yet.  We took a trip to Mexico for Raffael's birthday and I got to say, it was a great last minute decision. I wanted a peaceful place after staying in the city for a while so we stayed in beautiful Tulum. The city is so beautiful and there is much to see and do so everyday we would plan a trip to see Cenotes, beaches, Tulum Mayan temple and eat at some of the great restaurants in the area. Mostly importantly, a relax day by the beach and walking up to birds and see the sunlights through our windows.  Posada Margherita Beach. At the Tulum Ruins Everything was going to prefect till...
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3 Mar

Life In A Tree House

Since it's Thursday, let me throw it back a little to our Mexico trip. I have received so many questions about these images on Instagram so I decided to do a Mexico, Azulik throwback post. I know you guys have seen the resort all over Instagram, well that how I got to know of the resort as well and decided to stay there. It's truly the most beautiful Resort I have ever stayed at so far and I wasn't disappointed at all. Azulik Resort is a luxurious eco-friendly with organic architecture, which means it's impossible not to rest here with your loved one. Also there is no electricity, which means there are no lights, so at night, they light up your room with candles...
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17 Feb

New York Fashion Week, One In 3 Looks.

Lets just say what a great experience it was being apart of New York Fashion Week especially when you have others to share it with. When I think of fashion week, I think of a lot of cool and amazing outfits, shows and changes. That's just what it's about. I love NYC, it's so beautiful, lots of great locations and great people. It was cold, snowing, raining and I took me awhile to get used to it. Well I didn't get used it at all but for the sake of fun and shows I was just fine with my frozen feet ;-) Since it was my very first fashion week, I wanted to learn how it works and what it was...
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29 Dec

When In Versailles Palace

Hello my loves,  What a year right?! I have so many mixed feelings for 2016 and you know, it's just so hard to explain. Let's just start with a thank to you guys for the great end on the year. I really do appreciate all the love and support, I wouldn't have ran a blog, studied and worked so hard without all the inspiration and support from you guys so thank you and I believe that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for us all!. Since it's Thursday, well the last Thursday in 2016, I decided to throw it back a little to my favorite trip of the year. Paris! I kept this post for last. As you all know...
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