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Category: Health

7 Jun

How I Got My Dream Body

Let's get right to the point, How did I get this body? To be honest, hard work and consistency. I know, that what they all say but many people don't really tell you the full story behind that amazing toned body so let me break mine down for you. How it all started: One day I woke up and looked at my body and I realized I was too thin and needed more muscles (that was about 5 years ago by the way). So I started to do my research and there were a lot of options out there, knowing me I wanted something that works fast and something that I will love. The first thing you will think about is the...
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15 Feb

5 Steps Of Practicing Self Love.

So many women secretly go through their lives believing there’s something wrong with them. I was one of those women: I thought I was different, whatever that meant. I assumed something must have happened in my past that kept me from believing in myself, and others, and that I was never good enough. What I didn't know was that these thoughts were not grounded in reality. These were things I told myself, and that I felt to be true in my heart. The unhappiness I felt, simply by being me, was something that my mind had created. The truth was: I didn't love myself. And I knew, to find happiness, that something had to change. I know self-love has been spoken about so many times....
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21 Oct

How to Eat Burgers Without Gaining Weight

 Let's face it, the United States is a country that is crazy about Burgers. McDonald's conquered the world and can be found almost everywhere in even remote places. In California people will wait forever in line at the drive thru just to eat an In-and-Out burger. While that all is impressive for what these food companies have done to us, making us love their food and some people even getting addicted to it, the biggest issue is rarely talked about. Yes it is common knowledge that their food is very unhealthy and if used frequently will make you quickly obese. Despite all that people will still insist to eat them at an alarming high rate. Now why is that? We can speculate...
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